Acrylic Baby Blanket ~ Honeycomb Tuck Design ~ Blue and Ivory
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Our Babies just can't have enough soft and cuddley blankets. This Honeycomb Tuck Blanket has been hand loomed by one of our Little Knitters. Our soft acrylic yarn is easy care with machine wash and dry. A Great Economic price as well!!

A Real Keepsake for any Baby. It will quickly become their little blankie that they will want to tote every where --- so don't loose it or better yet, stock up in several colors and other blankets by the Little Knitters!

This Blanket is a unique one of a kind baby blanket. The Little Knitter chooses the colors, chooses a design pattern, charts out their pattern to a baby blanket measurement, then knits and finishes their knit project. It is their first lesson in charting their own square project.

Our Little Knitter is holding her blanket to show you that the ivory borders are at the ends and the center of her honeycomb tuck baby blanket. Our baby blanket measures approximately 32" x 36". Lacy Tuck Stitches are light and airy - a comfortable feel to wrap our Special Baby in.

Proper Care: Washing your acrylic knits is as easy as turning the dials of your washer and dryer. Use a gentle cycle, cold water and a mild detergent. Tumble Dry ~ pernament press cycle is fine. Our blanket is even softer after machine wash and dry!


Coordinate this honeycomb blanket with the Little Knitters basic booties available in any color and have a great baby set!

Price: $25.00
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