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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits. We look forward to 2022 being a great year and hope to continue to support the needs of our awesome customers during this retirement process.  We will be accepting orders on a limited basis on the camouflage garments. I will post the jackets, pants, or vests in the online store when I have the time to knit and fill the order.  Thanks for your patience.

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Anishinaabe knit Native Hat honouring the Thunderbird
Photo showing the size comparison of the Toque and Roll Hem Thunderbird Caps
SKU: thunderbird1

Native American Reproduction
Interpreted from a photo submitted by Craig Fontaine, a member of the Sagkeeng First Nation and Handloomed by Sharon Nani ~ a Non Native and owner of The Knit Tree

This Interpretation of the Thunderbird  Knit Cap honors the Tribal  design of the Anishinaabe People.  There are more than 200 bands of Anishinaabe Indians living throughout the Northern United States and Southern Canada, especially concentrated in the area around the Great Lakes.  We thank Craig Fontaine, a member of the Sagkeeng First Nation. The Sagkeeng First Nation is an Anishinaabe First Nation which holds territory east of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. "Anishinaabe"; is an ethnic term, referring to the shared culture and related languages of the Algonquian tribes of the Great Lakes area. Some of the other Tribes that refer to themselves as Anishinaabe include the Ojibway, Algonquin, Ottawa, Potawatomi, Saulteaux, Nipissing, and Mississauga, as well as some Oji-Cree and Metis communities. These tribes are not identical to each other, and they have their own individual identities and independent leadership. But they all share kinship ties and cultural traditions.

The above information plus much more can be found on these web sites:

  • Inspired from the art of the Ojibwe Native Americans
  • Hand Loomed for Quality Workmanship and Personal Care
  • Double Bed Jacquard Fabric
  • Main Design: Motif: Thunderbird -1 centered in front
  • Select Yarn Fiber under Options below:
    Acrylic Yarn or Merino Wool Yarn
  • Care Instructions:
    Acrylic: Machine Wash Cold Water and Machine Dry Knit Cycle
    Merino Wool: Hand Wash Cold Water Lay Flat to Dry
  • Colors: Select the Main Color 1.  The background red in our graphic sample  Color 2:  Thunderbird Design - black in our photo sample
  • .  Click on images to see enlargements.
  • Select Size: Adult: One Size Fits Most, or XL
  • Select Hem Style: Roll Hem or Basket weave hem

See a size comparison chart and images for roll hem style versus basketry weave hem



You can only make 'color substitutes for the template as pictured". Use Color Names from our  Yarn Color Chart.  The colors are different dependent upon your yarn fiber choice.

Refer to the the Merino Wool chart if you choose a Merino Yarn under OPTIONS
Click Here is see a View of the available Merino Wool color choices in our yarn chart with the color names
Refer to the Acrylic Yarn Chart if you choose an Acrylic Yarn
Click Here is see a View of the available Acrylic color choices in our yarn chart with the color names

Main Image on top:

  • Color 1 is the Main or background color: Red in our sample
  • Color 2 is the Thunderbird Motif color: Black


Price: $30.00

Use Name for available colors in the yarn chart for your chosen yarn fiber

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