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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits. We look forward to 2022 being a great year and hope to continue to support the needs of our awesome customers during this retirement process.  We will be accepting orders on a limited basis on the camouflage garments. I will post the jackets, pants, or vests in the online store when I have the time to knit and fill the order.  Thanks for your patience.

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Knit Basketry Hat  inspired by the LUISEÑO Indians of SouthWest Ca
Graphic of Basketry Hat Design inspired by the LUISEÑO Indians of SouthWest Ca

We are always honoured to receive requests to put a special Indian design on the knit caps. We take great pride in being part of preserving the culture of the Indian tribe through the modern media of knitting it on a cap, headband, scarf, or knit product that the person requests.  It is especially nice when the person can include a photo of their special basket design.

This graphic design was translated by Sharon Nani, a non Native, and owner of The Knit Tree.

This basketry design was submitted by Myra Masiel-Zamora, MA, Pechanga Cultural Resources, Assistant Curator - in the form of a photo of a basket.  See below.  Myra also made the request that the main design be bordered with a single brown or black line above and below it.*  See further notes below the photo.
Photo of an Indian Basket submitted my a member of the LUISEÑO Indian Tribe

"In northern LUISEÑO territory, a single coil wide horizontal band was typically used as a border near the top and bottom to enclose the main body design.  Horizontal patterns are reportedly found in about two-third of the LUISEÑO baskets."  Quote from:
Ralph Shanks, “Major Types of SouthWestern Caofornia Coiled Basketry,” in California Inian Baskets - San Diego to Santa Barbara and Beyond to the San Joaquin Valley, Mountains and Deserts. University of Washington Press, 2010),69-79.  ISBN: 978-0-9302268-20-6.
This book has a wealth of information about the history of the basketry, how the baskets were woven, the material used, and the uniqueness of the designs from the different tribal areas.
Please visit the official site of the Pechaga Band of LUISEÑO Indians of South Western California for information on their history, culture, people and more.


See a size comparison chart and images for roll hem style versus basketry weave hem



You can only make 'color substitutes for the template as pictured". Use Color Names from our  Yarn Color Chart.  The colors are different dependent upon your yarn fiber choice.

Refer to the the Merino Wool chart if you choose a Merino Yarn under OPTIONS
Click Here is see a View of the available Merino Wool color choices in our yarn chart with the color names
Refer to the Acrylic Yarn Chart if you choose an Acrylic Yarn
Click Here is see a View of the available Acrylic color choices in our yarn chart with the color names

The Graphic Image on Top is used for our example:

  • Color 1 is the Main or background color  Desert
  • Color 2 is the Border and Design Color in or graphic:  Brown

  • Inspired from photo of a Basket from the  Pechaga Band of LUISEÑO Indians of South Western California
  • Hand Loomed for Quality Workmanship and Personal Care  (photo is of the design graphic, when the hat is knit, the cap photo will be put up.
  • choose fiber High Grade Acrylic or merino wool -
  • Acrylic Machine Wash Cold Water and Machine Dry Knit Cycle, Merino Wool: Hand Wash Cold Water Lay Flat to Dry
  • Design: Motif: Stepping Ladders motif bordered by a single horizonal line above and below the main design
  • Colors: Choose from available acrylic or merino color charts
  • Size one size fits most or XL
  • Select hem style: roll hem or basketweave

Price: $30.00

Use Name for available colors in the yarn chart for your chosen yarn fiber

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