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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits.  We will be temporairly closed during the shelter in place status.    Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for shopping at The Knit Tree. We appreciate all our customers.  After over 48 years of operating The Knit Tree, in 2020, I will be entering my 2nd phase of retirement.  My goal is to continue offering you quality custom knit products by narrowing down the number of knits we offer.  I will no longer be accepting custom orders for the Winona Camo garments: jackets, pants, vests, hoodies, ect. As I have time I will knit some of these Camo garments and put up on the web site. These would be a 'one order item of a certain size and colorway.  I will keep some of  the Winona Camo hat category, the Native American, and Yarn, Kits and Patterns categories. I will be updating the online store to reflect these changes and look forward to hearing from you in the coming years.
Have a Great Day, Sharon

Personalized Flag Logo BlanketsThis special category is for the copyright logo blankets ordered by specific tribal councils, casinos, native groups, or native galleries.

Tribe Flags are copyright logos for each individual Indian Nation. Therefore they can only be commissioned and purchased by a representative for The Tribal Council.

Only an authorized representative of the design submitted may purchase from this category. The particular flag or logo blanket is placed here for the convenience of the client whom commissioned it.

If you wish to have a logo or flag blanket designed for you please contact customer service by clicking on the link "Contact Us" in the Main Menu to the right. Sharon Nani, owner and graphic designer will respond to your request by email to find out the details. Then the procedure is: 1. submit a jpg file of your logo along with comments about how you want your design display. 2. A computer graphic of the design will be generated and displayed in this category for approval and purchase. There is no design fee when a minimum order of 3 blankets is made. If only one blanket is desired, the retail price will be charged. After the original order, there is no limitation on quantity. 3. When the client approves the computer graphic and places the order, the item will be knit.

Look at our examples here and read their product descriptions to see how the graphic image converts into the knit blanket

***These special blankets are great gifts for the elders and heirlooms to be treasured***

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Gavin's White Hawk in Battle ~ Reproduction Woodland Indian Design ~ Acrylic Gavin's White Hawk in Battle ~ Reproduction Woodland Indian Design ~ Acrylic Blanket$140.00
Hoopa Valley Tribe Flag Knit BlanketHoopa Valley Tribe Flag Knit Blanket$140.00
n/aSpecial Invoice for Kayla$50.00