Crochet Corner

Danielle, affectionately known as the Crochet Critter, creatively designs each of her Critter hats and other crochet items. If you don't see the special critter you want, please contact customer service and The Crochet Critter will get right back to you to discuss the possibilities.


Everyone likes to know something about the designer so Danielle prepared the following statement for you so you can get to know her.

I have always dabbled in the arts and crafts, as a way of self expression. I never thought that one day it would be my chosen profession. It started with making gifts for my family and friends, then into some painting/drawing lessons. But I still had not found my medium. At 14 I discovered a crochet needle, and the endless possibilities of yarn.

In 2010 I had my first child, and in 2011 I had second. With Autism (PDD-NOS) and papillary thyroid cancer playing a role in our family’s life, it only seemed natural for me to be a stay at home mother. But what could I do to keep my mind and my hands busy? Through The Knit Tree, with lessons on most of the products, I rediscovered my passion for yarn, my imagination took over, and now, I welcome you to: The Crochet Critter’s Corner, my special Critter Crochet hats and other unique crochet items.

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Crochet Coffee Cozy - Heart Crochet Coffee Cozy - Heart $7.50
Crochet Newborn Hat - AnchorCrochet Newborn Hat - Anchor$12.00
Crochet Hat with a whimsical Bow accentCrochet Hat with a whimsical Bow accent$15.00
Leo the Lion Crochet Critter HatLeo the Lion Crochet Critter Hat$15.00
Pink Mouse Crochet Hat Pink Mouse Hat - Crochet $15.00
"Puff Stitch" Baby Hat - Crochet"Puff Stitch" Baby Hat - Crochet$15.00
Crochet "Mom Tattoo" Hat - BlackCrochet "Mom Tattoo" Hat - Black$20.00
Panda Crochet Critter Hat in Pink and GreenPanda Crochet Critter Hat$20.00
Crochet Owl HatCrochet Owl Hat $25.00
Crochet - "Nikki Hat" Crochet - "Nikki Hat" $25.00
Pink Hippo Crochet Critter Hat with attached scarfPink Hippo Crochet Critter Hat with attached scarf$25.00
Puppy dog Crochet Critter Hat with attached scarfPuppy dog Crochet Critter Hat with attached scarf$25.00