Cotton Baby Pink Booties with White Daisy   Select  NB or 6M
Cotton Baby White Booties with Gold Daisy   Select  NB or 6M
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Mom deserves flowers and Flowers for our little Treasure too!

So what more could one want for their cherished babies? Cotton is 100% natural. It is nature's finest fiber. Just the thougt of cotton brings the feeling of comfort and gentleness to the touch. Our babies deserve the best!

Something Cuddly for baby's feet. These booties will not only co-ordinate with the sweaters in Baby's Corner, but it will be comfy with anything baby wears!

Our soft cotton will feel great on Baby, this will make you feel great too!

  • Cording Tie for personal adjustment to fit
  • Roll Cuff
  • fitted toe and heel for better fit
  • Select Size: Newborn or 6M
  • Color: White Daisey with Gold Center on the Pink Bootie; gold with rust center on the White Bootie

Proper Care: Washing your cotton knits is as easy as turning the dials of your washer and dryer. Use a gentle cycle, warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use Woolit or bleach when washing cotton. Tumble dry on warm, removing just before it is completely dry. Lay flat to finish drying. That is all there is to it!

Put this all together, I'm sure you'll love this natural fiber, easy fit, and easy care booties that baby can wear with anything! A Baby just can't have enough booties!

Price: $10.00

See Product Description for Color Details

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