Cotton Camouflage Baby Blanket, Bootie & Cap Set - Blue - Select: N
Cotton Camouflage Baby Blanket, Bootie & Cap Set - Pink - Select: N
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Welcome our Special Baby with this Unique Baby Set! Three of our Camouflage baby knits all as a Set. Great Way to SAVE MONEY

Our Babies just can't have enough soft and cuddley blankets, caps and booties. So Baby Camo is being introduced into our knit wear line of Camouflage Clothing.

This Camouflage Tuck Blanket, cap & booties are delicately colored in the same white/blue/natural or white/pink/natural yarns as the rest of our baby items. This allows you the opportunity to create a whole ensemble co-ordinating the sweaters, and pants. Our soft cotton yarn makes all of these baby items very special.

The blanket measures approximately 36" x 40". Lacy Tuck Stitches are light and airy - a comfortable feel to wrap our Special Baby in, At 15 ozs. it will keep baby warm and cuddled

The 3 color jacquard fabric is a softly muted white/blue/natural camouflage. Our camouflage isn't meant to 'hide' the baby, it will give him/her something unique to wear and stand out special!

Our Cotton Camouflage Baby Cap is accented with a colorful pompom on its top.
An added bonus is the baby Sock Booties with the matching design, laced up the leg for easy adjustment and longer wear. Baby will be covered Head to Toe in soft Baby Camouflage!

  • Hand Loomed for Quality Workmanship and Personal Care
  • High Grade Combed Cotton for Superior Quality -
  • Design: Motif: 3 color camouflage
  • Select Colors: Blue/White/Natural or Pink/White/Natural
  • Size: Select Below: Newborn or 6 Months

Cotton is 100% natural. It is nature's finest fiber. Just the thougt of cotton brings the feeling of comfort and gentleness to the touch. Our babies deserve the best!

Proper Care: Washing your cotton knits is as easy as turning the dials of your washer and dryer. Use a gentle cycle, warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use Woolit or bleach when washing cotton. Tumble dry on warm, removing just before it is completely dry. Lay flat to finish drying. That is all there is to it!

Have a "Camo Baby Shower" and shower baby with all these great camouflage knits!
This Camouflage Baby Set will be A Real Keepsake for any Baby.
Our Camouflage knit items show support, honor and respect for all those who protect our great country.
Don't forget to read our article on Baby Shower Games Too!

Price: $75.00

See Product Description for Color Details

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