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Gavin's White Hawk in Battle ~ Reproduction Woodland Indian Design ~ Acrylic
SKU: GavinHawk1

Native American Reproduction
Designed and Handloomed by Sharon Nani ~ a Non Native and owner of The Knit Tree

This is a Personalized 4 Color Acrylic Blanket called White Hawk in Battle.

We are always honored to receive requests from our clients asking if their favorite basketry motif or Indian design honoring their tribe or family, can be put on a blanket, cap, headband, sweater or shawl or another of our knit products.

This special request came from Chantal, a mother of a boy scout in The Order of the Arrow, with particular interest in the Leni Lenape, or Delaware People. Chantal said ""White Hawk In Battle" is the name Gavin has chosen to distinguish himself within tribal ceremonies during Scouting events. He will wear the blanket & cap to "Order of the Arrow" & "Tribe of Lone Bear" ordeals, & encampments and some ceremonies (if he is not wearing feather regalia).... as well as regular scouting camp outs."

It is with the deepest respect that I honor this request and present this personally designed and hand loomed blanket knit especially for Gavin.

White Hawk in Battle is inspired from a Woodlands Indian design. The white hawk is noted for the black band of color on its wings and tail feathers. It has a black beak and yellow legs. Woodland Indian designs were often beaded as separate design elements such as you see with the geometric borders of green arrow points. Historic Woodland designs were geometric which often honored the birds and animals. Natitve American Woodland Indian designs are also known for their beautiful floral designs which were introduced from the floral embroidery designs influenced by the needlework taught in Canadian convents by Roman Catholic sisters.

Many Indian tribes are referred to as Woodlands. These tribes extended from Central Canada in the North to Texas in the South and Eastward to the Atlantic Ocean. Some reference books further divide them into the Eastern Woodland and the Southeastern Woodland Tribes. Author W. Ben Hunt wrote ÏIndian Crafts and LoreÓ in 1954, published by Golden Press. Ben Hunt was also a boy scout. In this book a map of North American Indian Cultural Areas was shown. Some of the Eastern Woodland Indian tribes were shown as: Swamp Cree, Central Cree, Chippewa, Menomini, Winnebago, Sauk-Fox, Potawatomi, Miami, Ottawa, Huron, Wyandot, Algonkin, Montagnais, Beothuk, Abnaki, Penobscot, Micmac, Mahican, Mohawk, Onedia, Seneca, Erie, Iroquois, Delaware, Conestoga, Susquehanna, Pennacook, Massachuset, Pequot, and Narraganset. Southeastern Woodland tribes were shown as: Kickapoo, Illinois, Quapaw, Cadoo, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Tonkawa, Atakapa, Natchez, Shawnee, Cherokee, Creek, Powhatan, Tuscarora, and Seminole.

This interpretation of "The White Hawk in Battle" is designed and hand loomed by Sharon Nani ~ Non Native Artisan and owner of The Knit Tree ~ with the deepest of respect for the culture of the Woodland Indian Nations.
Click Here is see how Sharon works with the requests of different Indian Tribes to create representations of their art on Hand loomed Knit products. Contact customer service if you have a special request

This blanket is offered in STYLE B: WIDE because it is more appropriate for wearing as a robe blanket for the ceremonies.

  • Woodlands Art Style
  • Inspired from the art of the Eastern Woodland Indian Tribes
  • Hand Loomed for Quality Workmanship and Personal Care
  • High Grade Acrylic for Superior Quality
  • Machine Wash: Cool Water Machine Dry: Knit Cycle
  • Double Bed Jacquard Fabric
  • Main Design: White Hawk in Battle with Arrowheads
  • Colors: Pine, White, Gold, and Black
  • Size: 37" wide by 72" long
    sizes can vary slightly dependant upon motifs and color

    If you are interested in submitting a request for your personalized Indian design to be hand loomed knit on a blanket or other knit product, contact us so we can make your desires become a reality. We accept these special orders as time allows ~ first come ~ first serve.

Price: $140.00
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