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Mushroom Fantasy Blanket ~ Afghan by Little Knitter Candace Rose
SKU: CR_mush1

Mushroom Fantasy 4 Color Blanket
Designed and Handloomed by Candace Rose Nani ~ from the Little Knitter Program

Candace designed this blanket as part of her Senior Project. She put her love of drawing together with her senior project of Creating Memory Blankets as a Cottage Industry.

Candace lives in the mountains of Northern California. She loves to sit out by the stream on their property and draw the things in nature. This blanket is inspired from the mushrooms, flowers, and bees she sees at her special spot that she calls Fantasy Island. Candace drew this image / converted it to be knit on the knitting loom / and knit the blanket. A huge learning process, Indeed!

Candace wants to specialize in knitting memory blankets from drawings submitted by clients. Watch for her next project of school children's drawings.

  • Art Drawing to 4 Color Blanket
  • Inspired from the art of Nature by Candace Rose
  • Hand Loomed for Quality Workmanship and Personal Care
  • High Grade Acrylic for Superior Quality
  • Machine Wash: Cool Water Machine Dry: Knit Cycle
  • Double Bed Jacquard Fabric
  • Main Design: Motif: Mushroom Fantasy
  • Colors: Bone, Black, Gold, Red, Lime Green, Baby Blue
  • Size: 37Ó wide by 74Ó long
    sizes can vary slightly dependant upon motifs and color


Price: $140.00
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