Personalized Christmas Sock: Angels and Bells
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A loving heirloom for everyone! These socks are jacquard knit Ò no yarn floats for those goodies to get tangled in! 5" wide (10" diameter), leg is approx 15" long dependant upon motifs, and foot is 11" long (Yes, these are actually wearable Ò theyÌre shaped like real socks!!) They are made with high quality acrylic yarn which allows for easy care: machine wash warm or cold water/ machine dry: knit cycle

The Motifs used in this sock are:

  • Personalized First Name: In this size Font (letters) there is room for 7 letters max. Your submitted name will replace the name shown here: Kennedy.
  • Snowman
  • Bells
  • Angel

Patterns go around to the back side.

To Submit the name change from Kennedy to "your personalized name -: follow these steps:

1. Go to the text box below Under "Available Options" and Type in your desired name to 'replace' Kennedy

Remember 7 Letters Maximum!

If you need more letters then 7, the upper sock would have to be redesigned to fit the name in - contact us.

3. When we receive your order, we will confirm by email, to let you know that we have received your "Personal Instructions", and we will give you an approximate ship date at that time. (Reminder: make sure we have a current working email for you, so we can contact you. - See our Privacy Notice - we assure you that any information that you submit to this site Will Remain Private!

All special orders take 2-4 weeks dependant upon our backlog  so order early. If you are in a hurry - Contact us to find out the approximate ship date before purchasing.

Price: $45.00

The numbers of letters used may change the letter size.

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