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Pricing Formulas for Knits Booklet by Sharon Nani
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"Learn how to conduct a professional time/cost study of any of your knit projects the way it is done in the professional cottage industry."

Sharon Nani's specialty in her teaching career part of The Knit Tree is working with the cottage industry knitter. Some of these knitter's advanced on to having their own knitwear factory. An important "Bread and Butter Basics" is knowing how to establish the selling cost of your product.

This Booklet is written in a simple manner, so the home knitter can relate to it.

Several Tips are covered in this booklet

  • Materials Needed to Conduct the Time/Cost Study
  • Helpful Worksheets
  • Explanations of the terms used in the studies, and the formulas used.
  • Conducting the Time Study
  • Applying the information to the "Selling Cost Worksheet
  • As an extra bonus, the detailed pattern that Sharon uses as one of her "training" patterns: the Cap Sleeve Top - is shared with you. Along with all the thought processes to help you develop an efficient way of knitting with the 'movements' that add the smooth speed.

There is enough information to inspire you to experiment on your own and find lots of ways to become an efficient knitter.

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