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A Replica of the Season 18 Dr Who Style Scarf ~ Chenille ~ Garter Stitch ~ 8 foo
SKU: 18scarfERed

A Replica of the Season 18 Dr Who Style Scarf worn by Tom Baker in the British TV Series. This 8 foot scarf is at one half the size of the original scarf

We've gotten requests to knit this special scarf in different lengths - and we love to please our customers. The Dr Who Style Scarf can be special ordered in 8 foot:($90) and 16 foot: ($180) Go to our special order scarf photo in full length for these choices. Also, you will see that there are two color ways. The orange and purple are the same for both scarves. The difference in choice is if you want the more sutle burgandy: etruscn red - like this scarf, or the bolder burgandy for more color difference which uses garnet red.


Hand Knit Garter Stitch compared to the original Dr Who Scarf
100 % Viscose Chenille by Silk City~
10 inch wide
Length: 8 foot,
This scarf is different then the other seasons because it is a definite Stripe repeat. The others like season 12 or 15 are 'color block stripes of difinite lengths. This scarf will vary in size dependant upon the knitter because exact #'s of rows are knit to keep the pattern repeat and border themes. It consists of 3 blending colors of chenille: an orange, a red almost garnet, etruscan or burgandy, and a purple
Great Scarf for any Dr Who Fan or anyone who enjoys a fun, elegant, high quality luxerious Chenille scarf

Hand Knit By Sharon Nani, knit designer, writer, teacher with over 30 years experience, and sponsor of The Little Knitters Program.

Our scarf is a Hand Knit Chenille Garter Stitch replica of the original Scarf which was knit by for Tom Baker when he was cast as The Doctor for the Dr Who TV Series. The original season 18 scarf was designed by June Hudson and was knit in chenille and was approximately 16 feet long.

Note, in all cases throughout this product Description the name "Dr Who" is copyright of BBC and in no way is used to imply any affiliation with BBC. It is only used as part of the product description of the Reproduction of a Dr Who Style Scarf.

This is a Fun, Colorful, Scarf with High Quality Chenille from Silk City Yarns. The colors are:Wild Chestnut (orange), etruscn red (a burgandy), and midnight plum (a purple). The fringe tassels are about 4 inches consisting of the orange and etruscn colors. There is a crochet row of orange chenille on one edge as was on the original scarf.

Click Here is see the closeup photo of the crochet edge on the scarf

Click Here is see the article and follow all the links under Instructions to see the Basic Knitting Techniques and all the CLOSE UP PHOTOS OF THE SEASON 12 SCARF ~ Read the whole article to follow the whole knitting experience of The Little Knitters and encourage Little Knitters of your own!

Price: $25.00
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