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Happy Holidays everyone.  Sorry to say we have accepted all the orders we can handle til into Jan 2020.  Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits.  We have a long waiting list for the first come / first serve Winona Camouflage knits - at this time new orders will be processed April 2020 for the Winona Camo categories.     Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for shopping at The Knit Tree. We appreciate all our customers.  After over 45 years of operating The Knit Tree, in 2018, I will be semi-retiring.  My goal is to continue offering you quality custom knit products by narrowing down the number of knits we offer and by taking limited orders on garments (camo jackets, vests, and pants).  I will keep all the Winona Camo, the Native American, and Yarn, Kits and Patterns categories. I will be updating the online store to reflect these changes and look forward to hearing from you in the coming years.
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A Spandex Stabilizer ~ Lycra ~ Trademark Dupont / Invista
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Lycra is a "Bread and Butter Basic" ingredient needed by anyone who wants their knits to look professionally finished!
Lycra by Dupont is a state of the art 'stabilizer' used to 'polish' your knits in a professional way. It is a clear spandex that can mix with any yarn.

Lycra comes in several denier's that are used for different purposes in the garment industry. The Lycra offered here is a 140 denier on 2.2 lbs tubes with a yardage of 83,935 yds/tube. It has been found to work great on the home knitting machines, sock knitting machines and the knit products that are produced on them. Hand knit or crochet can have added stability where needed with the use of lycra.

Normally, it is sold in such large minimum quantities to garment factories, that cottage industry or hobby knitters do not have access to it. Sharon Nani works with cottage industry students, so the distributor of Lycra allows her to obtain it in smaller quantities in order to supply the knitter who 'only needs one tube'!
Sharon is often asked, if a smaller cone is available. The answer is no. This is an industrial product and is only supplied this way. It also only comes in 'clear' which makes it usable with all colors. Do note from the photo, that it looks white on the cone. This is due to the 'luster' or reflection of light. I use it with all colors, but when used with black or dark colors, the yarn can have a sheen dependant upon how firm of a twist the yarn has. For example a hard twist wool rayon black will have a sheen, while a black soft yarn wool or acrylic, the sheen will not be as evident.

This is one of the 'secret ingredients' that adds polish and professionalism to your knit products. Use it in a variety of ways.

  • In the cast on of all products made with cotton, rayon, or anytime you do not want it 'to fan out' after wear.
  • To make ribbed waistbands, cummberbunds, or to create an area of drawing in.
  • Used throughout the garment to make leggings, halter tops, or body hugging garments.
  • An exciting way to create dimensional fabrics.

Get more information about how to use Lycra in Sharon's Booklet "Adventures with Lycra" which she wrote as a supplement to go with the Lycra. It shows how to use it on domestic knitting machines with applications to a variety of products. It is also offered in The Bread and Butter Basics Showroom

Lycra UPDATES Lycra? is the registered trademark of DuPont / Invista. I am a distributor of lycra? for small lot designers, cottage industries, knit shops, or individuals..

Lycra? is Used by Circular Sock Machine Knitters for added Stability to their socks.
Lycra? is used by machine knitters, hand knitters, craft people who crochet, fisherman who tie flys, and many more for a variety of uses: to add elasticity to their projects, polishing their cast onÌs and trims and to create tri dimensional artistic fabric.



Lycra Hand Knitting Tips

1. Do not rewind together with the yarn you are knitting it with: Lycra? and yarn have different properties. Therefore, it should be left on its tube, or container unto which you wind it. Hold Lycra? in your hand together with the main knitting yarn, to keep loops from forming as you knit normally. If you want it to have more ÎstretchÌ just hold more pressure on the Lycra? as it slides through your fingers in the hand knitting process.

2. After knitting, Pass steam over (do not press steamer Ò iron on the knit) the knitting with Lycra? in it until it stops shrinking. Steaming activates the properties and gives the Lycra? the resilience.

3. I recommend you knit a swatch to determine the amount of shrinkage. See insert of picture of chenille rayon rib that was in the article I am posting on my web called ÏAnalyzing Garment and Fabric Construction for Different Media.Ï I got about 20% shrinkage after steam with the rayon chenille and Lycra? on the knitting machine, not quite as much in my hand knitting. This article goes through the steps of converting machine to hand knitting instructions for a sideways knit sweater of Rayon Chenille and Shiny Chenille by Silk City. The Lace and Stripe Pattern for both hand and machine is in the yarn kits category of my web site.

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Hi Sharon, today my lycra is

Hi Sharon, today my lycra is arrived!
Very fast shipping, and I'm already using it on my CSM!
Thanks so much and big hugs from Italy.
by daniela zanardelli
Date Added: Monday 11 April, 2011


Hi Sharon. Just wanted to let you know that the lycra arrived today. It looks great and it works great in my Circular Sock Knitting Machine. I love this stuff. Makes my socks fit perfectly!! Thanks a lot Vicki Hughes Date Added: Friday 04 March, 2011


My spool arrived. It has me musing on my own life expectancy... It is huge! Will write again after I practice. by Joyce DeWeese Date Added: Friday 15 October, 201


I have knitted a few pair of CSM socks with the Lycra now. And it works just fine! I use it in the first 20 rows of the leg to prevent that ugly "flare" one sometimes get. I happy with it. /BB Date Added: Monday 21 September, 2009


I am just now knitting my first sock with your lycra and it seems to be the way to go for me. What I am doing is knitting the exact pattern and yarn with and without the lycra to see/feel the differences. I thought this would give me the best comparison. What I can tell you is that the knitting itself is neater, tighter and much more uniform. Thanks, Kathy Hicks Date Added: Friday 18 April, 2008