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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits. We look forward to 2022 being a great year and hope to continue to support the needs of our awesome customers during this retirement process.  We will be accepting orders on a limited basis on the camouflage garments. I will post the jackets, pants, or vests in the online store when I have the time to knit and fill the order.  Thanks for your patience.

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Swallow Tail Design featured on this four color Hupa Karuk Yurok Blanket
Swallow Tail Design featured on this four color Hupa Karuk Yurok Blanket
SKU: 4cblanket_swallowtail

The Native American basketry design featured in this Blanket is called Swallow Tail

Authentic Native American Designs ~ Artisan Darlene Marshall ~ Registered member Hupa Tribe

  • Interpreted from Ancestral Tribal Baskets
  • Hand Loomed for Quality Workmanship and Personal Care
  • Double Bed Jacquard Fabric
  • Main Design: Motif: Swallow Tail
  • Acrylic Yarn
  • photo is shown in Acrylic fiber
  • Care Instructions:
    Acrylic: Machine Wash Cold Water and Machine Dry Knit Cycle
    Choose your four  colors from the yarn chart, follow directions below for selecting colors.  Then type your color choices in the text boxes below.
  • Main Image on top is shown in Color Way A
  • Size: approximately 38" wide by 70" long

Sizing varies slightly dependent upon the fiber, color and motif combinations The following is a table of STANDARD 4 COLOR WAYS.

Click Here is see a View of Standard Colors Choices for the swallow tail 4 color pattern repeat that we have hand loomed for clients.

Color Order # Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4
A Grey Ivory Mocha Black
B Black Ivory Grey Red
C Camel Ivory Mocha Bark Brown
D Grey Red Ivory Black
E Grey Blue Ivory Black
F Black Ivory Black Red
G Rust Ivory Rust Peach




You can only make 'color substitutes for the template as pictured". Use Color Names from our  Yarn Color Chart.  The colors are different dependent upon your yarn fiber choice.

Refer to the Acrylic Yarn Chart if you choose an Acrylic Yarn
Click Here is see a View of the available Acrylic color choices in our yarn chart with the color names

The Photo used for our example: Colorway A

  • Color 1 is Grey in our sample  It is the background color in the two side panels.
  • Color 2 is Ivory in our sample  It is the color of the small motif and its verticle, toothed borders.
  • Color 3 is Mocha in our sample  It is the color for the center Swallow Tail motifs and background of the two small vertical panels.
  • Color 4 is Black in our sample  It is the Swallow Tail motifs in the two side panels and the background in the center panel.
Price: $140.00

Use Name for available colors in the yarn chart for your chosen yarn fiber