Winona Camo 100% merino Wool Knit Cargo Pants color E
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WINONA Knit CAMO CARGO PANTS ~ 100% Merino Wool

Knit Camouflage Style Pants with Cargo Style Pockets ~ Casual Leisure Camo Pants
Some Clients have asked us to considar offering the garments and pants in 100% Merino. 
The major pro of this fiber is the natural wicking abilities.
The only Con is  100% merino Must be hand washed cold water and dried.


  • Winona Camouflage Graphic Design originated by Bob Fratzke
  • Sizes XSmall to 2XLarge and Several Color Ways to Choose From
  • Merino Wool Fiber - merino is a very soft and silky yarn.

Men or Women enjoy wearing this Style of Camouflage Pants for Hunting, Fun and Leisure!

Winona Sizing Note: please refer to our finished measurements for all garments. For those of you that have owned the earlier Winona sweaters, jackets or pants knit in the 70’s – 90’s --- these were offered on a tighter fit scale. Today we have a lot of larger sized clients. So older Winona size XL is The Knit Tree’s Size Large and so forth.

The style is selected to give a comfortable fit. Each camo pants is individually hand loomed and assembled. It is NOT a mass produced item.

We offer this pant under 'special order' so that you can select your size and color way to meet your personal tastes!. Our model is wearing a size large.. He had measurements of waist: 32", Hip: 40", Inseam: 31" so this is a bit big for him, according to his waist measurement, he should be wearing a Medium, but it shows you the style of the pant. Also the photo is of the elite fiber not 100% wool.


  • Sizes: XSmall - 2XLarge: see Sizing Order Chart below: this is based on your actual measurements or what you would buy in commercial pants)
  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Hand Loomed for Quality Workmanship and Personal Care
  • 1.5" Higher waistline in the Back. This is to 'eliminate' the problem of pants 'riding low' when sitting and for crouching positions.
  • 2 Side Cargo Pockets below the crotch line approx. 9" wide by 10" deep
  • 2 Back Patch Pocket: 6" wide by 6.5" deep. (dependant upon size)
  • Pockets have the flap stiched down on the side edges like the original Winona Camo pants of the 1980's .
  • Waistband has a Knit Drawstring Cording for snugging; along with the elastic for strength and durability in holding up the weight of the knit fabric .
  • Cuffs at hemline also have the Knit Drawstring Cording for snugging the pant legs, excess cording after snug can be tucked inside the pant leg.
  • All stress areas are 'double stitched' in assembly for durability
  • Hand Wash Cold Wate then Lay Flat to Dry
  • Double Bed Jacquard Fabric (no floats on the inside of garment see detail image)
  • Design: 3-Color Camouflage design recreated from the Winona Camo graphic which was proven over the years to be a favorite among the bow hunters.

Click Here to see a View of the pocket details for Cargo Pockets with the flaps stitched down on the edges.

Please Note that this photo was taken from an original older Winona Elite Pant that Bob Fratzke sent me so I could see the construction. The yarn colors or the wool in the photo are not available today.


Use the following chart to find your ordering size according to your actual measurements for waist, hip, and inseam
Contact Customer Service if you have questions regarding what size to order and watch for our article on how to measure and size for different kinds of knit garments ~ coming soon.
We try to complete these Custom Orders within two- four weeks. So Please order early.

Size Finished Inseam Length For Waist Sizes: For Hip Sizes:
XSmall 31" 24-26" 30-32"
Small 31.5" 28-30" 34-36"
Medium 32" 32-34" 38-40"
Large 32.5" 36-38" 42-44"
XLarge 33" 40-42" 46-48"
2XLarge 34" 44-46" 49-50"
Note: Knits can very slightly from these measurements do to the effect of color and motifs.

Contact Us if you have any questions!

  • Pants are based on the Waist and the Inseam Measurement, To keep ordering simple, check our sizing chart and pick the size that corresponds to your actual waist and hip measurement. This would be the same waist measurement you use when you purchase pants. Then under options below fill in your desired inseam inches if it is different than the standard inseam measurements given in the chart. If you are in between sizes, select the larger size.
  • If you fall into one size for the waist and a different size for the hip, we can adjust for this in your custom pattern. When you place your order, there is a place for 'Comments' Tell us that in that section. For example A 37" waist is a Size Large. But a 46" Hip is a size XLarge.
  • Different amount of 'Ease Factor's are used Dependant upon Style, Fabric, and Utilitarian Use of Garment. We have taken this into consideration for this style of Cargo Pant. This is approximately 3-4" larger then your actual measurements.
  • If you prefer the oversized look with 6" larger than your actual measurements, order the next size larger.

If you have any questions about selecting the correct size, please email me your actual waist, hip, and inseam measurements along with the pant size you normally wear, at customer service/contact us. I will email you back with your recommended size information. Thank you for examining our camouflage cargo pant


Copyright and Licensing Acknowledgements

"All Winona Camo© items by The Knit Tree are produced under license derived from Copyrights originated by Bob Fratzke."

Sewing Pattern: a variation of the pattern by © The Green Pepper, Inc. the sewing pattern can be purchased at

Price: $240.00

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Type in your desired inseam measurement in inches if different than our sizing Chart

See Product Description for Color Details

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