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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits. We appreciate your patience as We go through the retirement process.  For this time, we hope to still provide you with our custom knits in the Native, Camo, and Yarn Kits Categories.  We will be taking limited orders on the Winona Camo™ Sweaters, Vests, and Pants.  I will publish those items until my order limit has been reached and I will notify you of the approximate waiting time for your order.  Please note, that some of the colorways are no longer available due to the yarn distributors eliminating the yarn color.

7 colors Nature Spun Wool Yarn Kit ~ 9 Skeins ~ Replica of Doctor Who Style Scar
SKU: sea12_kit6ft

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Doctor Who Style Season 12 Garter Stitch Wool Scarf Yarn and Pattern Kit for a shorter, more wearable size
7 Colors ~ 9 Skeins of Nature Spun Sport Weight Yarn by Brown Sheep Company, Inc
July 30, 2020 our yarn distributor raised their prices, so we had to adjust the pricing of this kit to coindide with their change

Knit the 6 Foot Replica Style of the Scarf Worn by Tom Baker beginning on "Robot" ~ part of a Science Fiction TV Series as a Fan Based Scarf
This is the first 6 feet of the original 15 foot long scarf. This version is offered for those that want a shorter version for more wearability. A six foot length scarf is a more standard length for a scarf.  Instructions are included with yarn kit along with a spreadsheet of the colors and sizes of each stripe in inches and centimeters.
This Scarf makes Great Gift!. The Kit Itself, is a Great Gift for any Beginning Knitter and lots of fun to knit for any Knitter.  I've even had crocheter's use this yarn kit and follow the sizing directions of each stripe to crochet the scarf / scarves.

This yarn kit was originally put together to teach Basic Knitting Techniques for Hand and Machine Knitters for Sharon Nani's Little Knitter Program. See the detailed step by step knit photo instructions for making the slip knot, casting on, knitting the garter stitch, binding off, finishing techniques of weaving in yarn ends, making tassels, steaming and hand pressing. These detailed instructions for basic Hand and machine knitting can be applied to any project and can be found on The Knit Tree's main web page in the Article: "Learn To Knit by Hand or Machine ~ Doctor Who Style Season 12 Scarf Replica Knit for Charity Challenge"

Click Here is see the article and follow all the links under Instructions to see the Basic Knitting Techniques ~ Read the whole article to follow the whole knitting experience of The Little Knitters and encourage Little Knitters of your own!


  • 9 Skeins of Nature Spun ~ 185 yd skein ~ 100% Wool ~ Permanently Mothproofed
  • Regular price: $6.60 a skein Yarn Value: $59.40
  • Colors: (in sport weight)
  • 308 "Sunburst Gold" (Yellow) ~ 1 skein
  • N94 "Bev's Bear" (Brown) ~ 1 skein
  • 880 "Charcoal" (Gray) ~ 1 skein
  • 720 "Ash" (Tan) ~ 2 skeins
  • N46 "Red Fox " (Red) ~ 1 skein
  • N18 "Royal Purple " (Purple) ~ 1 skeins Note: Plum line has been discontinued, Royal Purple has taken its place
  • 522 "Nervous Green" (Green) ~ 2 skeins  (Grecian Olive is replacing the discontinued Nervous Green)
  • Hand or Machine Knitting Pattern for knitting a replica of the Doctor Who Style Season 12 Garter Stitch Scarf
  • Colored Chart Spread Sheet giving the measurements in inches and centimeters of each stripe along with Row counts for machine knitters

NOT INCLUDED: The Hand Knitting Needles. The recommended knitting size needles are 5 to 7, The sample scarf pictured was hand knit with Needle 7 to obtain a stitch gauge of 6 stitches per inch. It ends with a purple stripe, the pattern shows one more stripe in green for those that might be knitting a tighter row gauge.

Little Knitters have knit a sample on the Passap Knitting Machine with Transfer Carriage U80/U100/U100E using Tension 7.75

This yarn kit gives a beginning knitter the opportunity to knit with high quality yarn and a fun colorful project for any age! Print out the step by step instructions for the basic knitting techniques which are on The Knit Trees article page. The scarf pattern includes directions to knit the scarf - NOT the step by step technique instructions - these are availble for free by following the article links

Price: $59.40
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Dr Who kit

Received it this week and began knitting it. I love the colours and the wool that came in the kit.
I use continental style and I never knitted before. So this will be a long term project...
It could be a 15 or a 7.5 feet long scarf depending on how it looks when I'm there ;-)

Replica of Dr Who Season 12 Yarn Kit and Pattern half size

Hi,Sharon, Received the Scarf Kit yesterday.Thank you.It came beautifully packed and I was very impressed with the pattern info' so neatly presented in the plastic folder as well.The wool does seem soft and I don't think it will be itchy either.The colours are stunning! My Nephew had asked me that very day if it had arrived.He is excited! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you Health,Peace and Happiness. Kind regards,Kathleen. Australia Date Added: Wednesday 21 December, 2011