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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits. We appreciate your patience as We go through the retirement process.  For this time, we hope to still provide you with our custom knits in the Native, Camo, and Yarn Kits Categories.  We will be taking limited orders on the Winona Camo™ Sweaters, Vests, and Pants.  I will publish those items until my order limit has been reached and I will notify you of the approximate waiting time for your order.  Please note, that some of the colorways are no longer available due to the yarn distributors eliminating the yarn color.

A Knit Winona Camo™ Elite™ Cardigan Jacket Bob Fratzke with his White Tail Deer
A Knit Winona Camo™ Elite™ Cardigan Jacket Colorway DA Knit Winona Camo™ Elite™ Cardigan Jacket Colorway S: Grey/Black/BrownA Knit Winona Camo™ Elite™ Cardigan Jacket Colorway E: Camel/Black/Brown
SKU: WAwinonaJac

Winona Camo™ Elite™ Cardigan Jacket
with full Zipper Front, 1 x 1 Rib trims, and inside hand warmer pockets with slash rib front opening.

Photo is of Bob Fratzke in his Winona Camo™ from 1980 with his White Tail Deer

  •  Full length Front Zipper that extends into the Crew Neck or Shirt Style Collar. Wear it as a shirt collar or zip it all the way up to keep that neck snug and warm!
  • Set -In Cap Sleeves,
  • Choose Crew Rib neck or Shirt Style Collar
  • Special Order Your Size: Available Sizes: Xsmall through 3xlarge
  • Choose between different Color Combinations or contact us if you want to create your own camo color way from our available yarn colors. 1 x 1 Rib Trims with lycra at Waist and Cuffs
  • Choose your Rib trim color using any of the 3 colors within your Camo Color way.
  • Fiber: 66% Acrylic / 34% Merino Wool (Elite)
  • This is a heavier weight cardi Camo jacket then our acrylic blend (Classic)
  • Fiber: 66% acrylic /34% merino wool ~ Elite
  • Hand Loomed for Quality Workmanship and Personal Care
  • Machine Wash Cold Water/Gentle you can dry low heat in the dryer for about 10 minutes, so it is still damp, then lay flat to dry.
  • Double Bed Jacquard Fabric (no yarn floats on the inside of garment).

Make Your Selections Below Under Options

Click Here is see a detailed article showing closeup photos of this Winona Reconstructed Knit Camo Jacket, including neckline, pocket, and construction details, along with photos on different models so you can see the fit.

The style is graded to fit like the original knit Winona camo™ jacket originated by Bob Frazke of the 1980's. It is an Fitted Style Jacket with a built in Ease factor of 6" larger than your chest measurement. See our SIZING TIPS BELOW for more information.

The Camo Cardi Jacket in the photo is pictured with Bob Fratzke wearing his jacket and the insert is to show the size of the Winona Camo™ Pattern pattern. Check out the article mentioned above to see details - but remember the article shows the retired smaller camo pattern. All features and constructon are accurate.

Each sweater is individually hand loomed and assembled. It is NOT a mass produced item.

We offer this sweater under 'special order' so that you can select your size and color way to meet your hunting surroundings! or if it is just a 'style statement' for you to wear for casual wear.

We will email you with an estimate of the shipping date or you can contact us if you have special needs. Remember it is first come first serve, and we get very busy starting in Sept. so please get your order in before then.

there are 3 choices for the Rib Trim color for each colorway:Color 1 is the first color listed in the camo color way camel in this insert photo, Color 2 is the 2nd color listed in our Camo color way - the smaller Shadow color: Black in our insert photo, or Color 3: the third color listed in each Camo color way, bark brown in our insert photo. The image is shown with Color 1 Camel rib trim in the E Camo color way.

Click Here is see a picture showing Color E Camo Color way, with the rib trim in the 3 different color choices for this Color Way. Notice how the rib trim color effects the overall look of a jacket. This picture is of another style jacket, but you can see how different rib colors affect the overall appearance.

Click Here to see a View of the available three color Pattern choices in our yarn chart with the color names, note Q is not pictured, also note that it says merino / acrylic blend, but it is also offered in acylic.

Click here to see photos and comparisons of Winona Camouflage™ Color Ways

We get requests from our clients to have Camouflage Styles added to our line to meet different hunting or fashion needs. This style is another one of those requests. Thank you to Grainger for bringing in his original Winona Camo™ Jacket of the 1980's for our article, and much appreciation to Bob Fratzke for sending in samples of the Winona Camo™ garments and accessories that he originated so "I could get it right".


The following chart shows the finished measurements of the standard sizes.
The sleeve measurement is taken from Center Back, down the shoulder and with arm slightly bent, to the wrist.
If you wish to have the body or sleeve length changed for your size, please state your desired body and sleeve length under comments when you place your order.

Size To Fit Chest Sizes: Finished Chest Finished Length Finished Sleeve Length
XSmall 30"-32" 36" 24" 31"
Small 34"-36" 40" 26" 32"
Medium 38"-40" 44" 27" 33"
Large 42"-44" 48" 28" 34"
XLarge 46"-48" 52" 28" 35"
2XLarge 50"-52" 56" 29" 36"
3XLarge 54"-56" 60" 30" 37"
Note: Knits can very slightly from these measurements do to the effect of color and motifs.


  • Measure Chest at fullest Part
  • Different Styles of Knit Garments have different ease factors. Therefore, I put the different sizing charts within each product description instead of using a 'generic sizing chart' under the general information.
  • This is Fitted Style because it is a Sweater Jacket: Notice that the finished chest measurement is 6" to 4" larger than the "to fit size" chest size - your actual chest measurement. I would recommend that you have 6" bigger than your measurement. If you are going to layer and have garments under this jacket - GO TO A BIGGER SIZE
  • If you like a looser Style: choose a size larger.
  • Some Jackets by other designers, have as large of an "Ease Factor of 11" - 13". This is because it is lined or made from fabric, which does not 'give' or stretch like a knit. If you have special requirments contact us through custsomer service for your special considarations.
  • If you are unsure of what size you want, measure a knit sweater style garment that you own that has a similiar body shape and sweater weight and use that as your finished measurement guide.
  • The Grading of this Winona Reconstructed Jacket is based on the fitted look of the original Winona Jacket.

If you have any questions, please email me at customer service/contact us.

. First Come First Serve.

Copyright and Licensing Acknowledgements

"All Winona Camo™ items by The Knit Tree are produced under license derived from Trademarks/Copyrights originated by Bob Fratzke."

Price: $210.00

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See Product Description for Color Details

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Knit Winona Elite Cardi Jacket

Just wanted to let you know how well I like the Winona cardigan that you made for me. It turned out Great! and the quality is awesome. Bob Fratzke should be proud! I am sure I will placing future orders for more of these great cardigans for myself as well as presents for others. Thanks again. Jim Adams
Oct 2015

Knit Winona Elite Cardigan Jacket

I decided to give my review after I wore the products during Spring Turkey. This jacket is awesome. Very comfortable and quiet. Hands down the most comfortable hunting jacket I've owned. Thanks Sharon!!! by William Hansen Date Added: Tuesday 07 May, 2013

Knit Winona Camo Elite Cardigan Jacket

Received my grey,black,dark grey sweater today. The size was perfect for hunting as an outer layer, high quality close knitting and construction, best quality zipper. Fast turn around and awesome service. I have another project coming. Gary Ustik by Gary Ustik Date Added: Friday 24 February, 2012

Knit Winona Camo Elite Cardigan Jacket

My son and I have been bow-hunting elk since 1977 and weíve seen wonderful changes in the equipment. The younger archers wonít remember this, but back in the 1980s, one of those changes came in the form of some very good acrylic camo clothing designed by Bob Fratzke of Winona Mills. I had two of his zippered sweater-jackets and managed to pretty much wear them out over the years despite their durability. The advantages of those sweaters was their cozy warmth, easy freedom of movement, absolute silence, a snug fit around the bow arm that never snags the string, and enough stretch to accommodate a down vest or other insulation layer underneath when it is cold. The idea is to shed layers as the day warms up, and I have rarely hunted deer or elk in the western states without wearing or carrying a Winona jacket. So you can imagine how delighted I was to find a photo of a Winona recreation on Sharon Naniís Knit Tree website. I gave her my measurements and am now in possession of a most excellent sweater-jacket entirely suited to my needs. Each jacket is custom-made to the hunterís specification and even the color pattern is negotiable. My new jacket is a combination of wool and acrylic and a bit thicker and warmer than my old one, but Sharon also offers a pure acrylic for warmer weather. Grainger Hunt Date Added: Thursday 01 July, 2010