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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits. We look forward to 2022 being a great year and hope to continue to support the needs of our awesome customers during this retirement process.  We will be accepting orders on a limited basis on the camouflage garments. I will post the jackets, pants, or vests in the online store when I have the time to knit and fill the order.  Thanks for your patience.

Have a Great Day, Sharon

A Knit Winona Camo™ Ridge Runner Hat ~  color way Q moch/black/brown Merino
A Knit Winona Camo™ Ridge Runner Hat ~ color E: camel/black/brown Merino/AcyrlicA Knit Winona Camo™ Ridge Runner Hat ~ color R: orange / black / grey
SKU: WwinonaRRH

Winona Camo™ ~ Ridge Runner Hat.
Originated by Bob Fratzke

Available Sizes: One Size Fits Most and xlarge Stretchable
Winona Camo© is knit with  100% acrylic or 34% merino wool/ 66% acrylic  select under options below.

Note: Custom Knitting is all about OPTIONS. The option here is in the finishing. Some hunters like their hats to have a tighter fit to securely stay on the head: under 'Select Trim' we offer that an elastic strip is inserted in the back rib, along with the rib being knit with the spandex Lycra. 'Choose Elastic' if you want this option. Other hunters want a loose fit, and feel after a day of wearing a hat with the elastic insert would give them a headache. 'Choose NO Elastic' if you want this option.

  • Select between different Color Combinations or contact us if you want to create your own camo color ways using our available colors of yarn
  • Select your Back Band Rib trim color using any of the 3 colors within your Camo Color way.
  • Select One Size Fits Most or XLarge
  • Select the Trim Accent: Elastic or NO Elastic
  • Hand Loomed for Quality Workmanship and Personal Care
  • Hand wash and lay flat to dry,
  • Double Bed Jacquard Fabric (no yarn floats on the inside of garment).
  • The only thing I did different in the reconstruction is, taking advantage of modern day technology, I added lycra to the back rib band for better elasticity and inserted elastic in the rib hem to better control sizing for wash and wear and different head sizes. See Note at top to decide if you want the Elastic OPTION or not.

Make Your Selections Below Under Options

Click Here is see a detailed article showing closeup photos of this Winona Camo© Ridge Runner Hat, including construction details, along with photos comparisons of the Original Ridge Runner Hat originated by Bob Fratzke of the 1980's and the reconstruction by Sharon Nani of The Knit Tree.

Each camo cap is individually hand loomed and assembled. It is NOT a mass produced item.

Ridge runner cap in the photo is pictured in Camo Colorway Q: Deep Mocha (color 1) / Black Shadows (Color 2) / and Bark Brown (Color 3). The Back Rib Trim is in Color 1 Deep Mocha. Choose your Camo Rib Trim Color under OPTIONS below  (Mocha and Deep Mocha are the same in acrylic)

there are 3 choices for the Back Rib Trim color for each colorway:Color 1 is the first color listed in the camo color way Deep Mocha in our Sample, Color 2 is the 2nd color listed in our Camo color way - the smaller Shadow color: Black in our Sample, or Color 3: the third color listed in each Camo color way, bark brown in our Sample.

Click Here is see a View of some of the available three color Pattern choices in our yarn chart with the color names, .

Copyright and Licensing Acknowledgements

"All Winona Camo™ items by The Knit Tree are produced under license derived from Copyrights originated by Bob Fratzke."

The sewing pattern and body style were reconstructed from a sample provided by Al Pincini - an original Bob Fratzke Ridge Runner hat. Sharon Nani owner of The Knit Tree used the Garment Designer Software by Cochenille to facilitate in the recreation process.

Price: $50.00

See Product Description for Color Details

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knit Winona Camo Ridge Runner Hat

Sharon, I received my Ridge Runner Hat I ordered, very Nice, and fit was Great! I will be ordering several more pieces during the early part of this year. The next piece I want to order is: A Knit Winona Camo Elite© Vest ~ Sherpa Lining ~ Reversible ~ choose color & Size [WSTwinonaVt] Dan Horton Date Added: Saturday 11 February, 2012

knit Winona Camo Ridge Runner Hat

(Note from Sharon: this is a quote from Bob Fratzke submitted by phone.) "Sharon, I was impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the softness of the merino wool, it was not itchy at all. We did not access to this wool when I was knitting the Winona Camo Knits and this is very nice." I continued to ask Bob what he thought about the addition of the elastic in the rib band. He responded to say that the lycra would probably be sufficient, but it was a nice option if someone wanted the additional elastic. by Bob Fratzke Date Added: Sunday 17 April, 2011