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Simply Basic: The Classic Dress Booklet by Sharon Nani
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"The Classic Dress is a 'basic pattern'. It can be knit on any standard gauge, single bed knitting machine. Optional techniques are presented for hems, necklines, and finishing touches for use with a ribber or double bed machine." It was written by Sharon Nani, author, designer, and professional cottage industry instructor.

This classic dress was marketed over several years in the Fashion Boutique Stores. It is based on using a wool / rayon blend of yarn such as sold 'as a dress yarn' by Silk City, or a yarn getting a stitch gauge of 8 stitches and 11-12 rows per inch. Sharon Nani also used this booklet as the teaching guide for her workshops to teach professional knitting techniques.

It is important to realize that even though most brands of knitting machines operate on the same basic principles, they often use different terminology for the same function. This booklet is written in "Passap" terminology. Where appropriate, the "Japanese" manufactured machine terms are enclosed in brackets [ ].

Sharon Nani's specialty in her teaching career part of The Knit Tree is working with the cottage industry knitter. Some of these knitter's advanced on to having their own knitwear factory. An important "Bread and Butter Basics" is knowing how to knit a variety of finishing trims and how to put different necklines and trims on a basic pattern.

This Booklet is written in a simple manner, so the home knitter can relate to it.

The booklet is written in lesson format to teach you the techniques applied. This allows you to use the procedures in your own projects. Several Tips are covered in this booklet, so it is not just a dress pattern, but also a learning guide.

  • Sizes for 31" to 44" bust
  • Necklines for Jacot, mitred slit V, classic V and Jewel necklines
  • Directions was a waistline casing which not only gives shape to the classic dress, but also allows it to have 'hanger appeal' for correct drape when on a hanger for store display
  • 6 gore skirt for nice flare and drape --- with the short row curves on the bottom to create a nice hem line. hint just add a waistband to this and have a skirt instead of a dress.
  • Explanations of the terms used in the studies, and step by step instructions

There is enough information to inspire you to experiment on your own and find lots of ways to become an efficient knitter and apply these techniques to your own knit projects.

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