Our American Dream: Starting a cottage industry so a Mom can stay in the home to help contribute to the support of their family and meet the needs of their children.

Sharon Nani, owner of the home business "The Knit Tree" realized that dream beginning in the 1970's. The best part of her dream is that someone in her family in the later generations would see the same dream in their life to continue that cottage industry.

Grand daughter-in-law, Dani - known as Crochet Critter, has the talent in her own crochet designs, the intellect to learn the knit designs, the energy and youth to be on top of the new wave of social media and the need of a Mom with cancer and two young daughters on the autism spectrum, to help contribute to the family support by carrying on The Knit Tree cottage industry.

The mission of this blog is to share the years of machine knitting experience, patterns and techniques and the exciting new crochet designs. Maybe even more important to society is showing the support for Autism and Cancer Awareness with helpful information and how it affects the everyday life of someone who must balance between the biggest priority of attending the needs of their Special Needs children, their marriage, attending to their own emotional and physical needs, and contributing to the financial support of their family.

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Follow a family's journey of challenges and triumphs raising two young daughters on the spectrum while balancing a home based cottage industry business.

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Follow Crochet Critters's fears, joys, and challenges as she balances her own mental and physical health with the care of her two autistic daughers, her marriage and a home based cottage industry business.

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