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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits.  We look forward to 2024 being a great year here at The Knit Tree.   As Sharon Nani, owner, prepares for retirement, she is training her son, Ken to knit the items in the online store, plus the ones that were removed.  Ken is going to take over The Knit Tree and its equipment so we can continue to offer these unique custom knits to our customers. Ken is not new to machine knitting - he earned his high school and college spending money by filling orders back in the 1990's, and has continued to help in maintaining the equipment.  Ken is creative in his own rights with his "Custom Wood and Land Works" business where he falls the timber, prepares the lumber and creates unique wood items and projects: custom storage sheds, fences, decks ect.  So we may add new catagories to this web site when the time arrives.  SO LOOK FORWARD TO ADDING THE CAMO KNITS BACK INTO THE ONLINE STORE THIS YEAR.

Handpainted Autism Heart Puzzle Pullover and Hat Set ~ Select Size 2T or 4T
SKU: 2Tautism1

This hand painted pullover and cap set features an Autism heart puzzle. The sweater and cap are knit from our soft cotton yarn and has rolled edges at neck, sleeves and bottom hem. This one of a kind sweater and cap is in a white color. The sweater has the heart with 'all the pieces fitting together, and the cap has the white puzzle piece that represents 'Every Piece is Unique'. See 'About the Autism Puzzle" below.

The best non toxic fabric paint from Dharma Trading Co. is used on all our hand painted garments. The paint is heat set so that it is washable.Turn inside out / wash cold water gentle / lay flat to dry

Select Size: 2T or 4T
Set: Autism Heart Puzzle "Until all the pieces Fit"
Select Color: Pink White or Blue below under OPTIONS
As Danielle has time to paint the sweaters, we will offer them on the web site. She is also painting some wearable art adult cotton sweaters. Danielle will take special orders, but remember each painting is one of a kind.

About the Autism Heart Puzzle Design

The autism puzzle is seen with many interpretations of meaning. Dani has painted the puzzle pieces within the shape of a heart to symbolize all the love, patience, and understanding needed for each autistic child / person. Autism in itself is like puzzle pieces, not one case is similar to another and each is beautiful in its own way.

The heart with the missing white puzzle piece and the scrambled words “Every Piece is Unique” represents the differences in how the autistic child / person processes the world around them. Some are non verbal and have the frustrations of communicating. Some have sensory issues which may include feeding problems. Some are just seen as eccentric. Each is unique in their own way.

The second heart puzzle shows all the pieces coming together. Through early intervention and appropriate treatments, people with autism will lead fuller, and more complete lives. Like a puzzle, the pieces of autism fit together and create a beautiful and rewarding picture that has the possibility to teach a lesson, and make a difference.

About the Artisan : Danielle Nani,
also known as “Crochet Critter”:

In 2010 I had my first child, and in 2011 I had my second. With Autism (PDD-NOS) and papillary thyroid cancer playing a role in our family’s life, it only seemed natural for me to be a stay at home mother. With two non verbal autistic daughters, my days are filled with Early Intervention autism therapies including Parent Infant Program, speech, occupational and group therapies. To keep my creative juices flowing, I enjoy hand painting these special Autism Heart Puzzle Scarves as a way to promote Autism Awareness, Early Intervention and to help earn an income from my home business. Please visit online store to see more of my creative knit, hand painted, and crochet items. Thank you for your support, Dani

Price: $64.50

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