Hand Painted Knits

Hand painting on Natural Fibers such as Rayon and Cotton is an art form all of its own. The process of creating a One of a Kind knit item involves many steps.
  • Item is Knit, yarn ends are finished off and item is hard pressed to prepare for painting.
  • Item is painted, each color is dried with a hair dryer before applying another color and dependent upon the color of the yarn or color of the paint, more than one layer of a color may have to be applied – again drying between each layer with the hair dryer.
  • Item is allowed to set for 3 days to ensure the paint is dried.
  • The painted item is hard pressed again in a process to ‘set the paint’ into the yarn fabric.
  • Finally the item is assembled and final steamed before labeling and packaging.
Since the creating of a hand painted knit involves the different steps, it is stated if the item is in inventory. If it is not in inventory, please allow two weeks for the item to be hand crafted.
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