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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits. We appreciate your patience as We go through the retirement process.  For this time, we hope to still provide you with our custom knits in the Native, Camo, and Yarn Kits Categories.  We will be taking limited orders on the Winona Camo™ Sweaters, Vests, and Pants.  I will publish those items until my order limit has been reached and I will notify you of the approximate waiting time for your order.  Please note, that some of the colorways are no longer available due to the yarn distributors eliminating the yarn color.

I-Ye-Quee Greeting Wallhanging ~ Friendship Design ~ Select Colors
SKU: nawh2a

This is a beautiful "Greeting Wall Hanging." I-Ye-Quee is a Yurok Greeting that has several meanings: hello, how are you? it is nice to see you or Welcome, come into my home.  Yurok Language is Algonquian. This home decor item makes that perfect wall hanging to greet those who enter your home.  The Friendship Motif in this hanging will make it a great gift for any friend or special person.
Many Tribes use Geometric Designs in their Basketry and Bead-work along with Florals. So the same design may be recognized by a different name dependent upon the area. Some of the Indian Nations that use Geometric Designs within their art are: Apache, Aztec, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chippewa, Comanche, Chumash, Coast Salish, Fox, Hupa, Haida, Inca, Karuk, Klamath, Kwakiutl, Lakota, Maidu, Mayan, MeWuk, Miwok, Modoc, Navajo, Nez Perce, Nootka, Ojibwa, Paiute, Pit River, Pomo, Seminole, Shoshone, Sioux, Tlingit, Umatilla, Ute, Wailaki, Washo, Wintu, Yakama, Yokut, Yurok.

Authentic Native American Design

  • Artisan: Darlene Marshall: Registered Member of the Hupa Tribe in Northern California
  • Interpreted from Ancestral Tribal Baskets
  • Hand Loomed for Quality Workmanship
  • High Quality Acrylic Yarn
  • Casing at top for the inserted Rod for hanging on wall hooks, or from the cording which is included
  • Design: Center: Friendship Motif Borders: Goose Motif
  • Select Colors under Options below our sample image shows Colors:
  • Size: 16" wide by 18" Long

Sizing varies slightly dependent upon the color and motif combinations


You can only make color substitutes for the template as pictured. Use Color Names from our Acrylic Yarn Color Chart

Click Here is see a View of the available Acrylic color choices in our yarn chart with the color names

  • Color 1 is the Main or background color: Camel in our sample
  • Color 2 is the Main Center Motif color: Brown in our sample
  • Color 3 is the top and bottom border motifs Color: Black in our sample
  • Color 4 is the greeting: I-Ye-Quee Color: Rust in our sample
Price: $55.00

Use Name for available colors in the yarn chart for your chosen yarn fiber

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