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OK Machine Knitters, I am finally starting to post the Knitting Machine Articles and Design Patterns that were published in various magazines. I am going to post them in the order that I wrote them, because being a technician, I started with the basic machine knitting skills and tips and then advanced as I went along.  These articles will all be posted on my Knit Tree Articles page under the appropriate Category.  But to keep it simple, after the article name, I will put the magazine abbreviation (Machine Knit America: MKA, Machine Knitters Source: MKS, and Inkknitters: INK), Volume, Number and year.
                In 1993, I was asked to write a series of articles on “Knitting for Profit” for Machine Knit America.  These knitting skills are for all knitters whether knitting for profit or pleasure.  In all I wrote 23 articles for MKA before they closed publication.  In 1993 I did not have a digital camera, and always wanted to add photos to the articles to update them before posting on the web.  But I decided that would just take tooooo long, so I am scanning them as published to get them all up for the knitters, then as time allows I will go back and add short videos or photos.   Please enjoy this first group of five articles and feel welcome to comment.  They are in pdf file format for easy reading on all computers, you will need a free pdf reader.