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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits. We look forward to 2021 being a great year and hope to continue to support the needs of our awesome customers.

Thank you for shopping at The Knit Tree. We appreciate all our customers.  After over 50 years of operating The Knit Tree.  I am still phasing into my semi retirement plan.  My goal is to continue offering you quality custom knit products by narrowing down the number of knits we offer.  For the present time I will not be taking custom orders for the knit Winona Camo™ garments: jackets, pants, vests, hoodies, ect. on the web site until I get caught up with my existing orders. . When I get these caught up, I will put the Winona Cardi, Vest and Cargo Pants back on web site since I have had so many requests to do so hopefully by March 2021   I will keep some of  the Winona Camo™ hat category, the Native American, and Yarn, Kits and Patterns categories. I will be updating the online store to reflect these changes and look forward to hearing from you in the coming years.

Have a Great Day, Sharon

They say it takes a Community to raise a Special Needs Child, but not everyone has the support of a community. So they reach out to the Web to find information, resources, and support. We hope that you enjoy, get inspiration, useful information, resources for early intervention, support, and comfort by following our Blog under the Autism Topic.

You will be following the daily life challenges and joys from having two young daughters on the Autism Spectrum (Little Princess, and Little Ninja) while Mom, a cancer patient, balances the needs of the children with her own mental and physical needs, along with the challenges of contributing to the financial support of her family with the knitting and crochet home business. Dani supports Autism Awareness and Acceptance. She advocates for Early Interventions and Sensory Processing Integration.

Blog posts will be made by Mom (Danielle known as Crochet Critter) and Grammy (Great Grandmother:Sharon Nani) Grammy's posts will be though the eyes of a family member that is in part of the 'Community' support Group).

Autism and Sleep Problems

Here we are ready to take care of Little Princess (age 4) and Little Ninja (age 3) while Mom and Dad take a Big Vacation for 6 days.  Papa and I called in the troops

Respite Care for Special Needs Children: Part One: The Safety Net

Grammy and Papa are getting ready to watch after our Little Princess and Little Ninja while Mom and Dad get away for a little vacation.  It’s time for them to

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