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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits. I have taken all the orders I can knit for this year, so I will shut down the shopping cart until the 1st of the year.  you can still read the articles and explore. Thanks for your patience.

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Dance ShawlsThe Knit Tree offers Unique Dance Shawls in High Grade Turbo Acrylic. (Note: we had to remove the option of Merino Wool, the distributor has eliminated a lot of the colors). Our Custom Dance Shawls are hand loomed with YOU and YOUR personal Choices in Mind

Traditionally, Dance Shawls have long fringe on all four sides or three sides - leaving the top not fringed. Our dance shawl is three sided with 18" long fringe which has been crochet linked to the main body. The fringe is in the same color as the featured design.

The knit fabric is constructed with a 'slip stitch' on the back side to give non stretch stability to the dance shawl and a jacquard slip stitch on the front side to give the vividness of the design. Laying 'flat', this fabric measures 38" in depth and approximately 60" length (hand to hand) dependent upon the motif and yarn fiber. The 38" depth does not include the 18" length fringe. This jacquard stitch construction fabric is identical to our 2 color Native American Blankets, which are often worn as Robes without the fringe.

Fabric Care: All dance shawls should be hand washed, gently, ~ holding the weight so as not to stretch the fabric so that the fringe does not get tangled in any spinning action. You can use a wide toothed comb to separate and comb your fringe. If you do hand wash, dry by: reshape to the laying flat measurements given above and let dry thoroughly before moving. Again, even though acrylic can be machine washed - spinning action in washing or drying will tangle your fringe. If you have a special setting on your washer or dryer to eliminate the spin cycles, you can machine wash/dry the acrylic dance shawls. (Note: we had to remove the option of Merino Wool, the distributor has eliminated a lot of the colors).

***Each Design is shown once in the page below: Click on the image or its name to go to the product description to see information about the design and to select your color ways for each Basketry Design***