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Snakeskin Basketry Design from Tribes of Central Ca Featured on this Native knit
SKU: snskin_PBlk

This is a  Personalized Baby Blanket featuring the Snakeskin Basketry Designs from the Tribes of Central California
Native American Reproduction
Designed and Handloomed by Sharon Nani ~ a Non Native and owner of The Knit Tree at the request of Shellena Bushman-Nelson from the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians of California

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I often get requests from members of various Indian tribes to offer a design specific to their tribe or region.  Shellena asked:  "do you have any patterns or designs for the tribe "picayune rancheria of the chukchansi indians"?  The Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians of California is a federally recognized tribe of indigenous people of California. They are Chukchansi or Foothills Yokuts. Picayune Rancheria is the tribe's ranchería, located in Madera County in central California.

Fortunately, I have a large library of Indian Baskets, Indian design, cultural and history books at my disposal.  the inspiration for this Snakeskin baby blanket design came from several photos of Yokut baskets in the Book "California Indian Baskets" by Ralph Shanks, Lisa woo Shanks, Editor.  This book had a whole chapter devoted to Yokuts Basketry, how they were made, designs, materials used and much more.  The smaller variation of the snake skin design was inspired from a  Yokuts treasure basket featured in the same book.

The snakeskin design was chosen to be featured on this crib size Personalized baby blanket because it was very popular on the Foothill Yokuts baskets and was representaive of some very distinct features of their Indian baskets.  This tribe of central California often designed in horizontal striping and the design was composed of both red and black designs done with black bracken fern root and redbud bark. .This photo of the  knit baby blanket follows these design concepts.  Note  the horizontal bands of the snakeskin design knit with red and black on the light grey background.
Ralph Shanks, “Yokuts Basketry,” in A California Inian Baskets University of Washington Press, 2010),81-101.

  • Inspired from photos of foothill Yokut Baskets,  Indian Tribes of Central California and request from Shellena Bushman-Nelson from the tribe "picayune rancheria of the chukchansi indians"
  • Hand Loomed for Quality Workmanship and Personal Care
  • High Grade Acrylic for Superior Quality -
  • Machine Wash Cold Water and Machine Dry Knit Cycle
  • Design: Motif: Snakeskin
  • Select Colors: Light Grey,  Red and Black shown on photo, you may choose your own colors under options below.
  • Size: Blanket : 32" x 44"
  • Add a matching cap  to make a great baby layette gift set



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  • Color 3 is the Center Diamond  Color Red in our sample
Price: $65.00

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