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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits.  We look forward to 2024 being a great year here at The Knit Tree.   As Sharon Nani, owner, prepares for retirement, she is training her son, Ken to knit the items in the online store, plus the ones that were removed.  Ken is going to take over The Knit Tree and its equipment so we can continue to offer these unique custom knits to our customers. Ken is not new to machine knitting - he earned his high school and college spending money by filling orders back in the 1990's, and has continued to help in maintaining the equipment.  Ken is creative in his own rights with his "Custom Wood and Land Works" business where he falls the timber, prepares the lumber and creates unique wood items and projects: custom storage sheds, fences, decks ect.  So we may add new catagories to this web site when the time arrives.  SO LOOK FORWARD TO ADDING THE CAMO KNITS BACK INTO THE ONLINE STORE THIS YEAR.

3 Generation Slipper Pattern ~ Machine Knitting Version by Sharon Nani
SKU: pkslipmk

This is a PDF version of the pattern which I will email to you upon payment.  I lowed the price since I am no longer printing it.  Please do not Share.  Thank you

The treasured "Three Generation Slipper" knitting pattern is finally being shared with you! Perhaps it will inspire many new knitters in the creative hobby of machine knitting. But if you just enjoy your handknitting, we didn't leave you out either --- check out the identical pattern written as the 'hand knit version' also available in our online store.

This is a 'beginner level knitting machine pattern' using stockinette stitches. The Knitting Machine Version has been written for Bulky Knitting Machines, but this is easily knit on Mid gauge knitting machines as well. Just follow the same pattern, and use the stitch dial setting for your appropriate knitting machine.

Sharon has even knit this pattern on standard gauge and passap knitting machines, on every other needle, but care must be used to use the claw weights properly on standard gauge knitting machines. Read the pattern for hints and tips in all cases!

Tips are included for several yarn choices to pick from: worsted weight yarns, acrylic / nylon blends, or cotton. Interchangable yarns that will result in approximately the Stitch and Row Gauge required for this slipper pattern. It only takes 1 - 3 ounces dependant upon the size that you want to knit. Then you have the choice of following a knitting diagram template, a knitting chart for the seven slipper sizes, and detailed step by step instructions for the knitting procedures. The Three Generation SlipperÓ has been a favorite Bread & Butter Basic knit item since the 1970Ìs. The form shaped heel and toe allow for a great fit. The fiber mixture of 60% acrylic and 40% nylon give it the strength needed for longer wear and easy care. The versatility of sizes baby through extra large meet the needs of all.

Over three generations of knitting this slipper, the fit of approximate 'shoe sizes' were determined. Of course 'width' of foot will become a personal matter for you in determining your size. These sizes were based on an average width.

  • Instructions are for Knitting Machine Version of the Three Generation Slipper
  • Written for Single Bed Knitting Machine
  • Can be knit on entry level knitting machines that handle worsted weight yarn
  • More experienced knitters can knit on every other needle on standard gauge knitting machines with claw weights
  • Once you learn the basic 'foot body', all kinds of variations can be knit by simply changing the cuff part of the slipper

Sharon Nani has been writting instructional patterns and knitting programs for schools, industry, and magazines for over 30 years. Watch for more of her patterns coming to this online store.

This is the first pattern that she teaches "The Little Knitters", they love the simplicity and the creative choices that it gives them - and I'm sure you'll love it too!!

Remember we are sharing this treasured pattern with you for your personal pleasure, knit them for gifts, for yourself, or they make great donations for fund raising events.

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3 generation knit slipper and Pattern

One of best slipper patterns I have found. Easy, Easy, Easy. Made 3 pair in 1 day. Everyone loves them. Thanks by Di Ann Peterman Date Added: Thursday 24 December, 2009