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New Changes for 2018

Thank you for shopping at The Knit Tree.We appreciate all our customers.  After over 45 years of operating The Knit Tree, in 2018, I will be semi-retiring.  My goal is to continue offering you quality custom knit products by narrowing down the number of knits we offer.  I will keep all the Winona Camo, the Native American, and Yarn, Kits and Patterns categories. I will be updating the online store to reflect these changes and look forward to hearing from you in the coming years.

This is the place you may find surprises, a family recipe, a gardening tip, a exciting place to visit or just something silly we wanted to share.

Eggs Bennedict and Hollandaise Sauce

Eggs Bennedict and Hollandaise Sauce

Great Holiday Breakfast
Serves 8-12
Hollandaise Sauce:

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