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Thanks everyone for your support of our custom knits.  We look forward to 2024 being a great year here at The Knit Tree.   As Sharon Nani, owner, prepares for retirement, she is training her son, Ken to knit the items in the online store, plus the ones that were removed.  Ken is going to take over The Knit Tree and its equipment so we can continue to offer these unique custom knits to our customers. Ken is not new to machine knitting - he earned his high school and college spending money by filling orders back in the 1990's, and has continued to help in maintaining the equipment.  Ken is creative in his own rights with his "Custom Wood and Land Works" business where he falls the timber, prepares the lumber and creates unique wood items and projects: custom storage sheds, fences, decks ect.  So we may add new catagories to this web site when the time arrives.  SO LOOK FORWARD TO ADDING THE CAMO KNITS BACK INTO THE ONLINE STORE THIS YEAR.

Knit Cap honoring the Oglala Oyate: Tribe from the great Plains and Praires
SKU: Lakotah_cap1

We are always honoured to receive requests to put a special Indian design on the knit caps. We take great pride in being part of preserving the culture of the Indian tribe through the modern media of knitting it on a cap, headband, scarf, or knit product that the person requests.

The template of this  cap came from the personalized caps, If you want a different tribal name, please put it under comments: The limit to the number of letters used is 14 (spaces count as letters)

This graphic design was translated by Sharon Nani, a non Native, and owner of The Knit Tree and requested by Mark Wolf Faulkins with this information.
mark wolf faulkins wrote:

"Wopila, thank you very much for the completion of the Lakotah beanie. I look forward to wearing it with pride. I'm very proud of my Oglala heritage. My Great Grandfather was a renowned statesman for his Nation. Many oral traditions have been handed down to me about his wisdom and I wear his name with great pride. He was born of a Lakotah woman and a French Canadian fur trapper who was also Ojibwa. Many positive European features show in my great grandfathers character. He understood what motivated the Europeans to act as they did against the Oglala, and he fought to dispel notions of savagery, but humanity to known as Oglala traits. His knowledge of understanding and diplomacy gave great insight into both worlds. I bear a strong physical and I hope spiritual resemblance to him and I wear my ancestory proudly. Because I have European blood , people don't often recognize at first my indigenous blood. I march to the different drum. The drums of my ancestors. I'm always asked why I choose to wear tribal colours. I do it so people will ask and I can explain and sometimes awaken in people  love and pride in their own heritage. My Grandmother was a mixed member of the Iroquois nations. I fell honored to have the wisdom of two great people flow through my veins  I'm part of living cultures that have many lessons that still need to be taught. If I can get people to ask why I'm wearing something different it gives me a chance to open a door for them. I've had people ask why I'm wearing a blanket capote. What does it mean? So often people will tell me about their heritage and they don't know where they can get something that represents where they came from. Anyone can wear sports team memorabilia, and that's fine. But to open another door, that's a gift that I gladly share. 
Where I know live in Northern California we have a large native population. But few have anyway of showing where they come from. People ask about my coats and jackets. People ask about my shirts and sweaters. I've seen people buy these articles. I've seen people starting to wear their inner pride on the outside, not afraid to say who theycarexand where the come from." 


See a size comparison chart and images for roll hem style versus basketry weave hem



You can only make 'color substitutes for the template as pictured". Use Color Names from our  Yarn Color Chart.  The colors are different dependent upon your yarn fiber choice.

Refer to the the Merino Wool chart if you choose a Merino Yarn under OPTIONS
Click Here is see a View of the available Merino Wool color choices in our yarn chart with the color names
Refer to the Acrylic Yarn Chart if you choose an Acrylic Yarn
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The Cap Photo on Top is used for our example:

  • Color 1 is the Main or background color  Red
  • Color 2 is the  Design Color in or graphic:  Yellow
  • Color 3 is the band color behind the Tribe Name:Black
  • Color 4 is the Letters of the tribal Name Oglala Oyate: White
  • Hand Loomed for Quality Workmanship and Personal Care
  • choose fiber High Grade Acrylic or merino wool -
  • Acrylic Machine Wash Cold Water and Machine Dry Knit Cycle, Merino Wool: Hand Wash Cold Water Lay Flat to Dry
  • Design: Motif: Personalized Tribe Name
  • Colors: Choose from available acrylic or merino color charts
  • Size one size fits most or XL
  • Select hem style: roll hem or basketweave
Price: $37.50

The numbers of letters used may change the letter size.

Use Name for available colors in the yarn chart for your chosen yarn fiber

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