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The Knit Tree Store temporarily closing month of April 2018

Thank you for shopping at The Knit Tree.  We appreciate all our customers.  The month of April is time for eye surgery and R N R.  You can still save items to your shopping cart and the check out will be re enabled on May 1st.

I am on a Mission. I posted the next two articles I wrote for Machine Knit America on The Knit Tree’s article page in pdf format under the Yarn Information Category.

Article #9 “Polishing up with Stabilizing Agents” was written about knitting with monofil, sewing thread, elastic, and lycra®. Remember this was written in 1994 before digital cameras were in full swing.

Since I sell the lycra®. in my online store, I already updated this article with photos – so you can check out the updated version with photos

along with the published version with no photos, so I can wet your appetite to look forward to the other 23 published Machine Knit America articles to be updated with photos. The 10th Article was a practical application of using lycra®. in waistbands. Read more about lycra® in the product description at my online store.…/spandex-stabilizer-lycra-trade…

lycra®. lycra® is used by machine knitters, Circular Sock Machine knitters, hand knitters and other crafts people to add that professional polish to their products.