Knit baby clothes, Knit camouflage, and American Indian Designs Knitted into sweaters and hand knits.

The Knit Tree Site Map for the Main Showrooms and the Online Catalog


The Knit Tree Site Map is divided into two sections. The first part is the Main Showrooms which also include the informational pages.
the second part is dedicated to The Knit Tree's Online Store where you can go to purchase any of the knit products offered by The Knit Tree, all hand loomed in Northern California, USA.


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Go directly to the Site Map Category Section of your choice and click on the 'More' links to go directly to the Show Rooms, Artisans, and Informational pages. Then go to the second section which is the SITE MAP FOR THE KNIT TREE'S ONLINE STORE and knit products available for purchase and click on the 'Store' link to go directly to the category in the Online Store..


Site Map below shows links to The Knit Tree's Main Pages
Find More Information on Each Topic

Bread and Butter Basics...Show Room featuring baby clothes, little knitters slippers, scarves, knit beanies and more About The Knit Tree ~ Sharon Nani...Read about Sharon Nani, owner of The Knit Tree Articles written by Sharon Nani ...Read articles by Sharon Nani,related to Winona Camouflage, knit design, knitting patterns and more
Camouflage...Show Room featuring knit Winona Camouflage jackets, knit camo caps, camo pants and more About The Little Knitters...Read about the Little Knitters and their knitting experiences Winona Camo Photo Gallery ...Photos of Bob Fratzke and other hunters wearing knit Winona Camouflage clothing
Native American...Show Room featuring Native American knitted caps, headbands, Indian baby clothes and more About Native Design and Art ~ Darlene Marshall...Read about Darlene Marshall and her dream to preserve the Native basketry designs on knitted products Featured Native Artisan ...Knitted Indian designs in caps, headbands, knit baby clothes and more
Personalized...Show Room featuring personalized knit baby clothes, Native American knit flag blankets and business logos on knits About Crochet Critter ~ Danielle Nani...Read about Danielle Nani, her crochet critter hats and hand painted knits with the autism heart puzzle What's Hot ...See samples of popular knit items at The Knit Tree ~ Get Them while they are Hot
One of a Kind...Show Room featuring One of a Kind hand painted knits including anime, autism heart puzzle and knit baby clothing About Anime Knits ~ Shastina...Read about Shastina and hand painted knits with the anime art Links and Resources ...Links to related useful sites, resources and sites that support The Knit Tree
Yarn Kits and Knit Patterns...Show Room featuring Dr Who Scarf Yarn kits and lycra specialty fibers Mountain High Knits...Read about the late Ellen Stretten and her effort to bring income by knitting to her mountainous area in Bridgeport FAQS ...Frequently Asked Questions at The Knit Tree regarding policies, payments, shipping and more
Hot Specials ...Show Room featuring special prices on selected knit products C Jae Knits ...Read the inspiration story of a cottage industry home knitter evolving to a fashion knit factory Site Map
HOME...The Knit Tree's Home Page introducing the web site Contact Us Go To STORE ...This link will take you directly to the main page of The Knit Tree Online Store

Site Map below shows links to The Knit Tree's Online Store ~ Catalog
Find Detailed Information on Each Knit Product Available for Purchase

This section is the SITE MAP FOR THE KNIT TREE'S ONLINE STORE and knit products available for purchase. Click on the 'Store' link to go directly to the knit category in the Online Store to see all the knit product choices for that knit category...or click on the knit product link to go directly to the knit product description where you can add it to your shopping cart.

KNIT WINONA CAMOUFLAGE ...Go directly to the Winona Knit Camouflage Category in the Online Store HAND PAINTED KNITS...Go directly to the Hand Painted Knits Category in the Online Store NATIVE AMERICAN KNITS ...Go directly to the Native American Knits Category in the Online Store
Knit Winona Camo Sweaters, Vests, Jackets...Knit Winona Camouflage sweaters, vests and jackets Autism Heart Puzzle Hand Painted Knits ...Autism Heart Puzzle hand painted on knits to support Autism Awareness and Early Intervention Knits for Baby with Native Designs ...Indian designs on knit baby blankets, caps, sweaters and booties
Knit Winona Camo Beanies and Caps ...Winona knit camouflage visor caps, beanies, skull, survivor, and more Anime Art on Hand Painted Knits ...Anime Mister Mouse painted on this knit baby sweater and cap set Native American Knit Blankets ...Native American knit blankets featuring Hupa, Karuk, Yurok, Salish, Pacific Northwest Art
Knit Winona Camo Accessories ...Knit Winona camouflage facemasks and mittens more accessories Miscellaneous Art Hand Painted on Knits ...Hand Painted knit beanie featuring the skulls and flames Knit Indian Caps and Beanies ...Native designs on knit caps and beanies for baby, children and adults
Winona Camo Knit Cargo and Sweat Pants ...Knit camouflage pants with the Winona design   Native American Knit Headbands ...Knit headbands with Indian designs
Knit Camouflage for Babies ...Knit baby blankets, caps, booties and sweaters with camouflage design BREAD AND BUTTER BASICS ...This catalog category features tradition knit baby clothes, knit slippers, scarves, beanies and more Knit Native American Dance Shawls ...Knit dance shawls with Indian tribal designs
  Knit Babies Corner ...Traditional knit baby blankets, knit sweaters, baby caps and booties Knit Indian Scarves ...Knit scarves with Native designs in acrylic or merino wool
YARN KITS AND KNIT PATTERNS ...Dr Who Season 12 yarn kit, lycra yarn, knitting patterns and more Knit Blankets for Babies ...Knit Blankets for Baby keep them warm and comfy Knit Native Cap and Scarf Sets ...Native knit cap and scarf sets make nice gifts
Dr Who Season 12 Knit Yarn Kit ...Dr Who Season 12 Knit Yarn Kit and Knitting Pattern for hand knitting or machine Knit Baby Hats ...Knit baby hats for newborn and 6 months in cotton and acrylic yarn Hand Painted Native Knits ...Hand painted Indian designs on knit rayon caps and scarves
Lycra Yarn ...Lycra is used by CSM, knitters and more to give elasticity to knit products Knit Baby Booties Knit Baby Booties for newborn and 6 month sizes in cotton and acrylic yarn Native American Knit Shrugs ...Native American knit shrugs in one size fits most
  Knit Baby Sweaters ...Knit baby sweaters keep baby warm and toasty Home Decor with Knit Indian Designs...Knit Wall hangings, coasters, pillow slips and more with Native American designs
ONE OF A KIND ...One of a Kind category features knit clothing and specialty knits Baby Knit Sets ...Knit cap and bootie sets and baby layettes make great gifts  
  Slippers by The Little Knitters ...These knit slippers have been popular for over three generations CROCHET CRITTER ...Crochet Critter Danielle loves to crochet hats, blankets and more
PERSONALIZED KNITS ...Personalized knits on bably blankets, Native flag blankets, and knit business logos Knit Accessories ~ Caps ~ Scarves ...Basic knit accessories caps and scarves dress up any outfit  
  Knit Household Gifts ...Cotton Wash Clothes by the little Knitters and more SPECIALS ...A variety of specialy priced sale items knitted just for you

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Unique Camouflage Knit Products: Camo Zipper Front Jackets, Visor Caps, camo mittens with deerskin, camo slipper socks and Hoodies
Handloomed Knit Blankets and Dance Shawls with Eagle, Orca Killer Whale, Wolf, Bear and Owl Designs Inspired from the Art of the Pacific Northwest
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