Showroom: Native American Reproductions

Knit Native American designs are featured in our Online Catalog and Showroom.  The Knit Tree specializes in personalized knit gifts for tribal councils, indian casino gift shops and individuals looking for that unique knit heirloom gift.

Enjoy looking below at our Native American Gallery of Reproductions of Personalized Knits, Logo Knits, and Tribal Knit Flag Blankets that The Knit Tree has been contracted to design and knit. Sharon Nani, owner of The Knit Tree is a Non Native. Any knits that are marked 'Knit by the Knit Tree' are reproductions of the art inspired by the Native American Cultures. Many are knit creations requested by members of various tribes. Some send in photos of Indian baskets that have been in their family, along with a request that it be put on a knit cap, blanket, or other knit item.

Our Native American gallery of Indian Reproductions include knit caps, knit blankets, knit baby clothes, and one of a kind custom clothing are just a few of the hand knit and loomed products we offer.

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The Knit Tree's Native American gallery of Indian Reproductions

Knitting Indian Symbols

Photo of Darlene Marshall and Sharon Nani attending a Native Art show
Photo of Darlene Marshall and Sharon Nani attending a Native Art show
A collection of knit indian caps and headbands from various tribal cultures
A collection of knit indian caps and headbands from various tribal cultures.

In 1982, Sharon Nani, a Non Native and owner of The Knit Tree, started working with the native Americans on the Hoopa Reservation in Northern California to help them develop and market knitwear products with their basket designs. Sharon's client, Darlene Marshall, established a cottage industry: Native Design and Art.

Click here to go directly to our Native American Featured Artisan Showroom to see Darlene's interpretations of the basketry designs of the Hupa, Karuk, and Yurok Native American tribes.  Darlene is a registered member of the Hoopa Indian Tribe and therefore any knit items with Native Design and Art by Darlene Marshall are authentic Indian knit products. Darlene's knit products are offered for sale in The Knit Tree's Online Store and Catalog.

Sharon also works with other native American tribes applying their Indian symbols and knit logos to various knit items. Among these are the Pacific Northwest Salish, Northern California tribes of Wintu, Yana, Pit River, Hupa, Yurok, Karuk, Woodlands, and the Arikara of the Plains and Praire tribes of Native American Nations.

These knit wear products are designed and knit by Sharon Nani with the greatest respect and appreciation of the Native American culture and art represented in these art styles. All items knit by Sharon and The Knit Tree are considered to be Reproductions of the Native American Arts of various cultures.

Native American Gallery of Clients

Tribal Councils are welcome to request information on knit Native American Flag Blankets, or custom knit products with indian symbols recognizable by their Indian Nation. These knit blankets, knit caps, knit scarves, dance shawls and more - are great for tribal events and gifts.

We have wholesale and volume pricing for Native American casino gift shops, Tribal councils, or other business' that sell Native American gifts. We offer in stock designs or we can design a special knit item with a personalized indian symbol or knit logo. There is no design fee on volume orders. Contact Us for information. Established wholesale clients will have direct access to our separate wholesale web site for easy ordering.

Pacific Northwest Coast Salmon, Wolf, Orca, Owl and Eagle Blankets

Collection of Knit Pacific Northwest Coast Salmon, Wolf, Orca, Owl and Eagle Blankets
Collection of Knit Pacific Northwest Coast Salmon, Wolf, Orca, Owl and Eagle Blankets.

These are Unique, Quality, hand loomed knit 2, 3, or 4 Color Blankets. There are many uses for the knit blanket. Home decor, Gift, or wearing it at a Native American Event ~ either way ~ these make great heirloom gifts.

The featured designs in these blankets are the Salmon, Orca, Wolf, Owl and the Eagle. The Salmon is an important symbol to the Coastal Salish. It is known as "the provider of life."The Eagle is a symbol of grace and beauty. There are many legends surrounding the salmon and eagle. "Why the Salmon Come to Squamish Waters" is one of them. Read the product descriptions in our Online Catalog to learn more about the Totem and the Art Style of the Pacific Northwest.

The 4 color salmon blanket is offered in superfine merino wool or an acrylic version. The 2 color salmon blanket is also offered in merino wool or acrylic. The 4 color Eagle with Spreading Wings blanket , Orca, Wolf, and Owl design is available in merino wool and acrylic also. You can even choose your own colors for our blankets. The 2 color Eagle Blanket is offered in our online catalog with color choices along with two color versions of the wolf, orca, and owl. New designs are added upon request. So if you don't see your Totem, contact us to request the design. Coming soon will be the Beaver. All of these are popular Pacific Northwest Native American designs hand loomed on blankets, caps, and other knit items.

Artisan: Sharon Nani / non Native, The Knit Tree

The book "Language of the Robe" by Robert W. Kapoun with Charles J. Lohrmann shows in many ways the importance of the Native American Blanket and the honor in receiving such a gift. "Indian Trade Blankets in the Pacific Northwest" by W.R. Swagerty is a great article from the "Columbia" Magazine giving a history of the development of the Indian Trade Blankets.

The Pacific Northwest Coast Art is applicable to many Indian Nations ranging from Alaska to Northern California. This would include: Tlingit, Tahltan, Kaigani Haida, Nisga's, Gitksan, Haida, Haisla, Coast Tsimshian, Nuxalk, Heiltsuk, Nuxalk, Oweekeno, Nuu-chah-nulth, Makah, Coast Salish, Tolowa, Yurok, and Wiyot.

Pacific Northwest Handloomed Wolf Reproduction Dance Shawl

Carver, Peter Paylor wearing a handloomed Wolf dance shawl, back view
Carver, Peter Paylor wearing a hand loomed Wolf dance shawl, back view "
Carver, Peter Paylor wearing a handloomed Wolf dance shawl, front view
Carver, Peter Paylor wearing a hand loomed Wolf dance shawl, front view.

This hand loomed Wolf Dance Shawl designed and knit by Sharon Nani, owner of The Knit Tree is worn by Peter Paylor from Belleville, Ontario. Peter is a very talented carver. He has carved his interpretations inspired by the Totems of the Pacific Northwest into both wood and stone. Go directly to his web site to see and purchase his unique woodcarvings, talking sticks, hiking sticks, or stone carvings featuring the Raven, Bear, Beaver, Wolf, Eagle, and much more. We are very honored that Peter is wearing a Dance Shawl hand loomed by The Knit Tree and we are pleased to support his remarkable art work shown on both wood and stone media's.

Click on Peter's business card to go directly to his web site.

Two Ravens Talking ~ Peter Paylor, carver

Have your favorite Native American Reproduction Design Hand Loomed on a Dance Shawl or Select from Basketry Marks already on our Knit Products.

Photo of a dance shawl featuring the Frogs Hand and three Snake Nose basketry motifs
Photo of a dance shawl featuring the Frogs Hand and three Snake Nose basketry motifs.

This hand loomed Dance Shawl in the finest Merino Wool makes an elegant statement with its featured Native American Design.  A variation of the Frogs Paw, also known as Frogs Hand or Frog Foot is the central basketry design.  The Triple Snake Nose Design which borders the top and bottom of the dance shawl is also a well known Indian Basketry Mark or Symbol.Text for this category.

Traditionally, Dance Shawls have long fringe on all four sides or three sides - leaving the top not fringed. Our dance shawl is three sided with 18" long fringe which has been crochet linked to the main body.

We are always honored to receive requests from our clients asking if their favorite basketry motif can be put on a dance shawl or another of our knit products. This special request came from Pearl, a member of the Klamath Tribe from Oregon. It is with the deepest respect that we honor this request and present this special Dance Shawl

If you are interested in submitting a request for your favorite basketry design to become a hand loomed knit on a dance shawl or other knit product, contact us so we can make your desires become a reality.

Read more about our Dance Shawls or go directly to our online catalog to purchase a dance shawl from our inventory . We offer dance shawls hand loomed with our finest merino wool or high grade acrylic yarns.

The Knit Tree welcomes inquiries from Native American Tribal Councils Personalized Flag Blankets are Designed especially for You

The Knit Tree custom knits Tribal Flag Blankets ordered by Tribal Councils
The Knit Tree custom knits Tribal Flag Blankets ordered by Tribal Councils.

Tribe Flags are copyright logos for each individual Indian Nation. Therefore they can only be commissioned by a representative for The Tribal Council.

It is an honor for The Knit Tree to be commissioned by Native Design and Art in Hoopa, California to draft the pattern for the Flag Blanket of the Hoopa Valley Tribe. Native Design and Art is offering several of their knit items with the Hupa, Yurok, and Karuk basketry designs through The Knit Tree's online catalog.

See some of the other Flag blankets that Sharon Nani has hand loomed for The Karuk and Tolowa Tribal Councils in the image above. These blankets may only be obtained through your Tribal Council Gift Shops or they are given as special gifts at the Native Events from the Tribal Councils.

Each Tribal Flag Blanket is a Gift of Pride in your Tribe. It is an honor to gift or receive one of these Tribal Flag Blankets. Tribal Councils have commissioned us to hand loom their Flag Blanket as gifts to their Elders or to honor individuals at an Indian event. Some Indian Nations have their own gift shops and offer their personalized knit Tribal Flag blanket for sale. The Knit Tree welcomes inquiries from Native American Tribal Councils. Contact Us for information.

We offer wholesale pricing and volume discounts to The Tribal Council.

Contact Us if You Have a Special Design You Want Personalized on a Knit Product

Personalized Tattoo Design submitted by Yatch Bamford of the Madesi Band
Personalized Tattoo Design submitted by Yatch Bamford of the Madesi Band.

This Tattoo design was submitted by Yatch Bamford who is from the Madesi Band of Pit River Indians. This special design originally came from a basket woven by Yatch's Grandmother. What a special honor to his Grandmother to have knit caps hand loomed with this design. Watch for the Article coming soon from Yatch's family giving you more information and pictures.

Sorry - this cap is not for sale in The Knit Tree online catalog- Knit products that are designed for clients can only be purchased or sold by them unless they offer it for sale to the public.; But we do enjoy putting a picture in our gallery of samples to show you the possibilities of creating Personalized Wearable Art for an individual or family.

Sharon Nani, owner of The Knit Tree, works with special computer software converting your photo or drawing to a graphic form which then can be used in hand looming knit products. Caps, headbands, blankets, wall hangings, and sweaters are among the items that can be personalized with your design. The design details and size will vary dependant upon the size of the original design or basket mark and the final knit item. A printout of what the finished design will look like is submitted to the client for approval before the actual product is knit.

Contact The Knit Tree if you are interested in this specialized design service to create a unique and very 'personal' gift which will be a knit heirloom of special significance to the recipient and a remembrance for your whole family. It's real simple, first email me to tell me about your request, and if I think that the design can be converted, you can email or send me a picture /drawing of what you want, and I will email you back with the possibilities and estimated cost.

Contact Us at The Knit Tree if You Have a Business Logo Design
You Want Personalized on a Knit Product

Native American Casino Win-River Knit Logo Blanket
Native American Casino Win-River Knit Logo Blanket.

Redding Rancheria's Win-River Casino commissioned us to knit these special logo blankets for their gift shop. This is a high quality, acrylic blanket measuring approximately 38" wide by 70" long. Go directly to their gift shop located in Win-River Casino, Redding, Ca to purchase this hand loomed knit blanket. Lots of exciting entertainment can be found at the Native American Casino - Win River as well. Go directly to Redding Rancheria's Win-River Casino web site for more information.

The Knit Tree's design department loves to work on these exciting logo designs. Each new design is a new adventure! Contact Us if you are interested in getting an estimated price for a knit logo product for your store, gift shop, employee gifts, or promotional advertising gifts.

Knit blankets, knit caps, and hand loomed knit sweaters are some of the products we can put your logo on dependant upon the size and detail in the logo and the size of the finished knit product.  We offer wholesale pricing and volume discounts.. Logo's are copyright material.  Only someone authorized to submit a logo to be put on a knit product should contact us.

Then the rest is simple, first email The Knit Tree to tell me about your request, and if I think that the design can be converted, you can email or send me the logo file, and I will convert the logo into the graphic chart for knitting. This computer picture would be emailed back to you for approval before any products can be knit.

The Knit Tree's specialty is designing Personalized Knit Keepsakes.
These are knit items you just can't get anywhere else!

Go to the Native American category of our catalog to see other Native American designs reproduced on knitwear . You will find knit caps, knit baby clothes, headbands, shrugs, ponchos, scarves, dance shawls, knit Native American Reproduction blankets, knit wall hangings and coasters. Designs representative of different Indian Nations are available and we will be adding more designs from various tribes as the request are made.

Enjoy the Native American culture, art and history as you examine these knit interpretations and reproductions of Native American symbols used in basketry and beadwork designs of years ago

Visit us on facebook too ~ page is in development

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